the Metal Forest by telegraphic

the Metal Forest

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 14, 2002
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I drew this alonnngg time ago. Maybe freshman year in highschool. My drawings have gotten so much better, but i no longer have the patience that this show i had. I have to many things flying through my head to sit down and work on something for half a year.

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Amazing. Absolutely amazing. It's sucking me innn x_x;

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this is cool verry organic good concept...
yup half a year is a long time..`;~}

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words would just bring this picture down so i leave with saying this ______!

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The detail... the highlights... the mind boggles.

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this is soo much better than my pictures
we can never be frends now Tongue

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OOOooOoOo!!!!!! You have magical powers PINTO BEANS can only DrEaM oF!!!!!!!!

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Geez! You said you did this when you were a freshman! Im only a freshman and im still not that good especially with color pencil. Too cool!

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The lighting on the metal is perfect, I like the hints of yellow and blue around the highlights... Have you ever drawn a picture of Calibretto before?

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Immaculate Brillance. Timmy you truly know what it takes to make a robot happy. OH OH OHHHHH The Detail....i dont know what to in awe! Make sure you WD-40 that mechanical parts or they will rust on you...and u dont want rusty art. WOW, I mean if i actually liked art and ever drawn a picture i would come to appreciate this...

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Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow! Timmy you have done it again. It reminds me of seeing Peter Pan for the first time. Somewhere in all that beautiful machinery there is a beautiful portrayal of Tinker Bell strapped into a large apparatus of life support. You have kept her alive just for me to see once last time. I'll cherish it forever.

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I've seen this picture in Elfwood a long time ago,and I'm still amazed by the amount of detail you squeezed into it.Gorgeous,mind-boggling,exquisite job (I'm in a great mood tonight...) !

Art at its best.