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A t h e n a

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Added: Apr 30, 2002
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I drew this for a history assignment.. Athena is modled after a actual statue in the acropolis, but i took some comic book rights to it. The angel is called a nikee and stands for victory. The image behind it is a take on a greek painting of the birth of Athena. I probably spelled all these names wrong but im to lazy to go check

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Greeak goddess... lovely kinda like penguins... they're lovely too... Rath

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It makes me so happy that you put Nikee in there, everyone always forgets her..

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Athene is greek myth,
Athena is roman myth.... same god, different names.

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tim i would have to say you have a gift and know how to use it.

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its nike, and the drawing is gorgeous.

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Your artwork is truly amazing, I couldn't decide which work to comment on first. This is awesome and you are very talented.

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And he's got the name right-.-'

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You are such a wonderful artist! But she could use an owl... no athena is complete without one. =)

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Yeh the godesses' name is Athene, but.. omgggg still lovveeeeeee the picccccccccc

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awww how i miss the days of art before them dang crack heads. its nice and yeah the left arm is sorta long but you never know perhaps that elbow shield might be weighing it down

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I also like her armor... and her eyes and eyebrows... and the angel! oh heck I love it all!! ^_^

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she looks very inhuman tho greek gods are in a human shape...i like that. also the background is very nicely done, as well as the colours. i really love this pic...

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Woohoo! Colors!

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Whats is wrong with you Tim.

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Cool drawing ; I like the gold items; the background and I don't know; the fact that she's Athena!But don't you think the left arm is kind of long?

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Very nice composition and the color is gorgeous! this has such a nice metallic sheen.

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I just love your rendition of the Goddess, the antique looking armor/jewelry and the beautiful background are what make this piece in my opinion! Wonderful!

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I love your style Wink

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Nice piece, Tim. Your style really comes through in all your work.

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Very nice colors, yeah. And love the subject also..Very nice how you can pick out your work out of the rest, cuz that unique style you've got here..Another stunning piece:)

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This one's a beaut!!! Nice colors, and I also like the armor and background... very cool.

Art at its best.