S e r e n i t y by telegraphic

S e r e n i t y

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Added: May 05, 2002
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I did this in 2 hours..which is like a world record for me cos im sooo slow. Its just a pencil sketch that was burnt and highlighted in photoshop.

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Hello again..
well all i can really say is.. she's beautiful. nice use of colour. the burnt and highlighted efect makes her even better. wonder if i'll EVER get as good as you... im 16 now.. ah dont mind me.

Kim - Marie. AKA Mith Evenstar

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Burnt and highlighted means he used the burn and highlight tools in photoshop. I love this pic BTW, your my new favorite artist Smile

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She reminds me of an interactive fiction game I played, called "Galatea" ... you asked the living statue about different parts of her life and she'd respond...she had a great bit of dignity and mysteriousness about her.

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Its very beautiful and I could never work that fast. The composition looks a little like a darkchylde Cover (not menat as critique).

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That theory would explain why you are always drawing cows dressed up as drag queens...very intresting indeed.

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Hey Tim did you notice that all of your drawings kind of look like you....Why do you draw yourself as a woman. Are you trying to tell us something. [wink wink]

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I like tihs one, I can really see Joe Mad's influence on it.

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Darn you people and your evil photoshop vocabulary!!!!!!! I have no idea what burnt and highlighted means...awsome picture though.

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brilliant.and i could only do the background in 2 hours;)

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I love this... highlighted and burnt pencil sketches are my current favoute way of working - because it doesn't take too much time, and I'm lazy. The only thing I dont like is her back... it looks a little wrong somehow (thats not very helpful is it? Laughing out loud)

Art at its best.