M a r r o w by telegraphic

M a r r o w

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 20, 2002
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I wanted to do something kinda abstract and darker, But everyone says it just looks half done. It was done with pencils and photoshop..

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I can't seem to stop thinking about it, and I find myself returning to look at it (morbid fascination perhaps). Beautiful, intrigueing, and complete. Im in love with your work. Damn, I wish I could have you design a tattoo for me.

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Beautiful, strange and fascinating!

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IT looks like a sea animal's skeleton...

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the latter. ok, yes, that's what i thought due to the perspective of the reflection. nice trick.

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looks like ribs to me Tongue very nicely done too *your new fan* lol

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hmm, that dosent make sense...do you mean it looks like i traced it?....or the reflection in the water is a trace? Cos i just copied and pasted the drawing upsidedown in the water.

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looks good but looks like trace

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It definatly looks complete to me. In some way this seems to represent beauty in the eyes of all the "abnormal" people. It's... Prefect!

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I don't think it looks half done -- its really moody and a bit sad.

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Woops, that was me. ::sheepish look:: pressed the enter button by accident.
anyway, doesn't look half-done to me. It's very nicely done, i love how you have the skeleton and the vines surrounding it, sort of like life and death. Also love the color scheme. well, i'll leave before i bore the hell outta you, going to check out your other new one.

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Art at its best.