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 L i m e

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Added: Jul 16, 2002
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Last fall i took a drawing and characterization class where i had to draw up fictional people, places and a script from imagination. I ended up doing somewhat of a medievil carnival gone wrong type thing.Well these are kinda cleaned up versions of what i came up with...im trying to possibly make a comic out of them.

This is lime, a jester who always screws up, he has a pet frog not pictured here. He has kinda a Mr.bean type personality.

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If this was a video game, I would sooooo play it!!! You should maybe consider that if you hadn't. Just an idea. Beautiful work, he just has so much feeling in his eyes.

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awwww hes so cute *brittish accent* hes so cute! i love him!!! hes all innocent and hes got that "im so pitifuk" look! *huggles da jester* HES WICKED KICK-ASS MAN!

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ooo i love it its all .. jester ... like ... jesters kick ass ... wow ... ::continues to drool::

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sorry to be an idiot but i gotta know......... does anyone else see the influince of E.T. 4 his head?

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He's too cute Smile. I love the blockiness of his face.

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well, I draw everything with pencil..the i scan it and color it in photoshop...so its digital and pencil...but epilogue dosent really give you that as an option to pick.

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no one knows what is beneath limes sack...he may be a gimp, he may have legs, he may be a humanoid worm....anyway, he hops around instead of walking...see how his arms are soo big, he uses them to drag himself around, kinda like a ape.

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This is so cool! I think he's very imaginative, and an incredibly interesting character. Cool stuff.

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I want to see Jim Henson's Creature Shop do a puppet of him.

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This one is the best of all 4. The color combinations are great an dthe lightning also; as ussual..He has legs or is he a humanoid worm?

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Excellent Cartoon and characature work you do. Just curious, why do you call these pencil when they are photoshop?

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Tim,I like your work. I admire those who try to make a drawing style instead of juct copying photographs. Keep it up.

Art at its best.