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L u n a

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 16, 2002
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Last fall i took a drawing and characterization class where i had to draw up fictional people, places and a script from imagination. I ended up doing somewhat of a medievil carnival gone wrong type thing.Well these are kinda cleaned up versions of what i came up with...im trying to possibly make a comic out of them.

This is luna, she is a telepath that does not talk.

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Damn Tim

I visit the site all the time and I always land up coming back to your page, looking at the same images over and over. Your work is the definatly the best on Epilogue and I sure as hell hve'nt seen anything on the web that has kept me this captivated. One thing though - how can you call yo'self a color whore, the way I see it you get color to work for you man, color is your bitch. -so that makes you a color pimp.

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I am sorry but I am in love with your art. Unbelievable. I think you just became my hero. Seriously, I love every picture. It sounds corny, I know. I am breathless. Thanx for being so great.

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She doesn't need to talk.
Her eyes say everything.

The name fits perfectly.

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her clothers and her hair, the marks on her face and her eyes!!! I think you ought to do more with this character!! ^_^

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Wow. She's pretty... and she has so much personality, just here in this one picture... I'd like to see more of her!

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very nice character, love the hair and color scheme!!

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I love her face! It's simultaneously beautiful, yet strange.

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Great stuff! love your style-very vivid.

Art at its best.