manga portrait-2 by telegraphic

manga portrait-2

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Added: Jun 11, 2003
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"Ok, I want to make a book, if not a book a series of drawings that are just diffrents portraits of diffrent kinds of people in a manga style. To show that not all manga looks the same. Right now i have 2 done, and 4 more sketched out and in the works...hopefully i will do around 30 or 40.

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hey tim i am a big fan of all your work. you're definitely one of the best artists i have seen. but i wish some of these 30 or 40 pictures you may do could be in digital format... i just love the smooth, colourful high contrast that digital artwork has. to me it looks slightly more professional and finished than pencil. just my opinion though.

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Great image, I love the colors and style! Your book idea is good Smile.. maybe you could also get other manga artists to contribute so that you have a variety of different styles.

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Yes, this manga is very different than most, and I love it. You always deform heads and hands, unlike others who deform boobs and legs---it's so nice to see something new around Smile

Art at its best.