Darklands by vacher


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Added: Mar 30, 2002
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Guest's picture

you know, all of these awesome floating rock pictures really make me think of this one really cool movie called castle in the sky. its like my favorite movie ever! by the way, i love how the light comes shining in on the land through those dark clouds!!!

disa's picture

Your surreal fantasy landscapes are great.

Guest's picture

Oh wonderful!! I love the mystic feeling it gives me. I took a look at your homepage. I do hope to be as successful as you someday soon!

contemplator's picture

A masterpiece that transcends the canvas into the realm of pure emotion. I love this Smile

vacher's picture

Thanks, Alex.
I painted that one years ago, while working for Disney in France. So, it probably took me about 70 or 80 hours.

alexandria's picture

Yeea! Floating castles! Such great shading, such clear detail!
A round of applause for the master artist!
How long did this painting take to complete?

twopynts's picture

More floaties, hurray! We'll I've gone though your entire gallery and could not find an image I didn't like. You have such a skill at capturing your imagination on the canvas. Keep it up!!

Guest's picture

truly one of the most amazing things i've ever seen

armands's picture

Now i understand, what means "Fantasy art" - this is for sure!!! You captured the Mystery!

vacher's picture

Thanks, Samuel.
Nice work in your section too.

samael's picture

I cant believe it! it is you! I saw this image about three years ago(on mopheus.com if I remember well) and I was totally blown away! Im glad to find that it doesnt lost its charm after these years!

tashta's picture

Wonderful alien landscape. The lighting of the great rocks, implying a place where beings live, is subtle. As is the carvings into the sides of the monoliths. You've made them look very old...worn. Very nice.

mermalior's picture

Where can I see the details of the central monolith????? Don't you want to post a detail pic too? I am a lover of details... "christophe vacher" - a new name in my artist bookmark col. ... You are GREAT!

vuollet's picture

Really has that darklands look on it. Gloomy clouds, steep montains and creepy floating rocks with houses carved in them. Great

Guest's picture

Beautiful light rays. I love how moody the background looks, and how the floating rocks are also strange fortresses or something with those little windows.

Art at its best.