The Long Sleep by vacher

The Long Sleep

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Added: Mar 30, 2002
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Bonjour Christophe! *Je suis eleve americaine qui parle un peu de francais* votre art est sensationnel! J'adore les couleurs vifs.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Laree.

velvetrain02's picture

Truly amazing... my eyes MUST decieve me.. its beautiful... i dont think you need a "good Luck" - you posess the skills!!!!

vacher's picture

Merci, Marie.
Ça fait toujours plaisir de recevoir un petit message en Français de temps en temps.

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c'est incroyable, cette toile sait capter beaucoup d'émotions, de sensations, comme si l'on pouvait "toucher" la toile. Sans compter que le jeu de lumière sur le drap est incroyable,san compter le réaliste qui ressort dans cette toile, j'ai du mal à mettre des mots sur ce que je ressens, en tous les cas bravo Christophe, votre talent est à envier !! Quel don !

vacher's picture

Thanks, James.
Cool images in your gallery.

somerset's picture

Beautiful work Christophe,you've retained a very realistic imagery without losing that certain fairytale feel,the figure, colours and fabrics are simply impeccable, wonderful!

feral's picture

truly amazing...

vacher's picture

Thank you, whoever you are.
Your simple and touching words are what keep us artists going.

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as Anna noted i too have been viewing the far reaches of the Epilogue for some time and i concur , your work is purely amazing, and not just limited to here, no dis meant to all us others here , but your caress of the viewers mind makes you and your work simply phenominal, thanks

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Astounding fleshtones ! All your pictures have a unique,dreamlike atmosphere.Having surfed all across Epilogue,you're still one of the very best that I've come across !

ddoved's picture

simply amazing!! they're all masterpieces!

fantasio's picture

...very impressive work,i can´t believe that this one is made with oils,gorgeous...and a quite interresting perspective for the viewer...i´m pleased that i´m stumbled over your gallery:-)

zero's picture

unbelievably beautiful!

vacher's picture

Thank you, Sooj.
Good luck with your artwork.

sooj's picture

how...every word i want to use i cant spell lol. so im gonna have to use these words that just dont express what i want to say. this is a beautiful, delicate piece of art, you are extremely talented and i wish i could draw like you someday!

vacher's picture

Thank you for the nice words, Melissa.
Unfortunately, no I don't have step by step tutorials for lighting. I learned mostly from the older Disney people I was working with who were from the "old school" of painting.
Maybe I would consider something like that later though, as you are not the first one to ask me this question.
A man asked me the other day if I would consider making a video on how I paint, and I'm not against the idea. So, who knows...

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Wow. The detail and lighting you have achieved is nothing less than stunning. The crinkles in the sheet are very real...very tactile. And the petals--either floating or still falling-- are very subtle. Very nice use of soft colors without muting one another.

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Oh, this is gorgeous...

sferris's picture

Great work! Very good design as well!

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Ok I lied I will post some comments on your work! When I first saw this my jaw almost hit my keyboard. I just got lost on how well rendered the cloth was. You wouldn't by any chance have step by step tutorials on how to paint lighting would you?

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This painting is simply astounding. The lighting is so beautiful on the sheet, which, as everyone else has already said, is the most amazing part of the painting. Her face is so peaceful and lifelike, it just captures my imagination. Also, the detail on the floor is beautiful. A gorgeous piece of work.

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Merci, Patrick.
Et merci pour le tuyeau.
Au fait, j'ai vu ton travail: très intéressant, bravo.

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Thank you, Cynthia.
These days, I'm very interested in working on drapes and sheets. The way the light can work on it , with very subtle warms and cools can be REALLY hard to render. But I'm really happy when I get something satisfying.

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ha deja la:))

a peine arrive et deja un editors pick, bravo (et merité).

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Masterful work, Christophe! The visual sweep you've created with the background to the sheet to the arm is so very effective. I agree with Socar..the sheet is astounding! The lighting is wondrous as well. So very lovely!!!!

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I'm especially impressed by the lighting detail that comes out in your work. This one is enthralling! Has she just fallen? A few of the rose petals seem to have shadows beneath them, as if they are just now settling down on her. Intriguing piece, beautifully done.

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Indeed, it's awesome. And the sheet with the two kind of lights looks great.

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i can only say wow. that is increadable. so lifelike

Art at its best.