The Gardians by vacher

The Gardians

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Added: Apr 20, 2002
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Well, if you go to the interview section of this site, you will find the answer in the interview I gave in 2003.

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Dont take this the wrong way, I really like them but, whats with all the floating rocks?

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its like Aztec Castle In The Sky!
Sweet, dude!

vacher's picture

Just a little mess up due to the fact that there is no "U" in French. The proper spelling in English is with the "U".

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I just love the color schemes you use. And the compositions. I also have a thing for floating rocks/castles etc. so you can`t miss there Smile) But you know you`re good don`t ya Smile) keep it up.
oh why if the U missing in gardians, but not in the file name

vacher's picture

There are four elevators, and two of them go to the top where you can admire the view and enjoy a gourmet dinner at the 4 star Restaurant .

Guest's picture

How do people get up there?

rita's picture

Had to look to your paintings again. SOOOO wonderful. Amazing. Keep on the good stuff Smile

alexandria's picture

Unbelivable color sheme! The shades and colors vary in perfect formations!

thrax-1's picture

holy cow!!!!you are my new favourite artist.i envy your skill with oils/acrylic in general,its an expensive medium for me as oposed to doing digital,which is what i so impressed Shock

armands's picture

Thanks for this ilustration!! Feel like it coms from my mind, when i read Farmer's "World of Tiers" about flying castles... Fascinating!

vacher's picture

Thanks, Walt. Very coll work too.
And thanks to all the people who give me nice comments, that I don't have time to reply to.

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Extremely well done! Very powerful image!

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you are the best artist in art that I have never seen

vacher's picture

Thank you Capcom Kai.
Very cool artwork in your section too.

vacher's picture

Thanks, Anneth.
You've got some very nice work in your gallery as well.

aridante's picture the Powell Gallery in San Francisco . I go to school right across the street, heh heh. I managed to weedle my illustration class into visiting your works, but there were only two!! -sniff- Oh well, I thought your paintings were better than most of the artists anyway, *grin*

capcom's picture

oh,my god~~you must be the profesional~~~so cool~~~*O*

vacher's picture

Thank you, Anneth (I'm actually done with Treasure Planet now). Where did you see the original of that piece? At Morpheus, or Powell street gallery in San Francisco? Or simply at Disney 2 years ago?

aridante's picture

I had the fortunate chance of wiewing this piece in person, and I must say, the digital version doesn't do justice! Laughing out loud So I'll just say that I love your work, and good luck on Treasure Planet! Smile

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You take something impossible and make it utterly believable. wow.

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je note une certaine fixation sur les monolithes:))

j'ai deja dit, mais jaime bq tes peintures.feerike.

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Your colors & your composition are awesome! I love the surreal imagery you create.

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I'm speechless.

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I freaking love this guy's work, and this is one of my favourites... Congrats on a true talent.

Art at its best.