Mount of the Immortals by vacher

Mount of the Immortals

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Added: Jun 12, 2002
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Hi. I really like your art. I like "The Gate" especially, as well as this one.

I'm wondering if I could use this image, or "The Gate," in an short essay/blog post I'm writing about myth in dreams.

I'll check back here to see if you received the message. Thank you.

Wonderful Art!


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When I saw it, my first reaction was big WOW !! Truly Amazing and breath-taking piece of Art. I wish you more of this kind Christophe.

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This is hauntingly beautiful. I am always in awe of your work. Fabulous!!!

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This is the most beautiful work that I have ever seen *can´t take her eyes of it*..and it is done with acrylics?! "Whoah!" I say. You have a really great talent, don´t you dare to lose it!

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Wow! Alien mountains of sort.
Unbelievable amount of detail!
Praise the great artist!

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I love it. Looks like a far off world with old forgotten monuments. (like mount rushmore)

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Sure, as long as it doesn't involve any commercial work...

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amazing !!! it's so magestic !! is it ok if i set it as my desktop background ?

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your art just makes me weep,its so beautifull.i like your work so much.its brillaiant.

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Thank you, Anna. This is one of 2 paintings I've done so far for a personal teenager book project that I might eventually bring to life some day.

Guest's picture ! Your work is so EPIC ! That's the 1st word that popped into my head when I saw this...WOW...

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This amazing...
It's so cold...
brrrrrrrr Smile

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Thank you, Hampus.
This painting is not very big: 20" x 24"

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I am truly stunned. There is such amazing quality in all of your work, I feel very inspired, thank you, it's just what I need!

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This is ! I cant not communicate my feelings! All I can say is that I have never seen anything like this before.. You must be from another world! What size is this painting in real life??

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Well, Christophe, each and every one of your paintings are astonishing. The atmosphere is so breath-taking that you could spend hours looking at the picture and stil be surprised by their quality.

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Thanks, Anders.
Very cool things in your gallery as well.

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Thanks, Sergey.

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Beautiful work!!

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a wonderful painting

k-t-roo's picture increadable. your artwork blows my breath away, i love it! there is the impression of massive height and such magesty, it is such an amazing and wonderful pic.

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Wow! What a landscape! If i only can do such great things in digital way! You have huge imagination - Your works really inspires Me!

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It's a bit "Giger'esque" and yet totally different. It does have mood - it looks like a scary and cold, windy place.. Excellent painting!

Art at its best.