Entering the Highlands by vacher

Entering the Highlands

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Added: Jul 06, 2002
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vacher's picture

I generally sketch with an HB pencil, then do the actual drawing with a 5B and 2B for some lighter areas.
And yes, I use a kneaded eraser.

isenho's picture

the lighting on the structure is amazing. i work a lot with pencils and your rendering of landscapes in pencils are great! can i ask you what range of pencil grades do you use and do you use a kneaded eraser!

Guest's picture

'ive seen many of ur artwork but the more i see the more i think hes an amazing artist.

karin's picture

Your work is really beautiful. I can stand hours while looking.

Guest's picture

What a great picture i love how you use the lighting effect.how do you do that. the only reason i ask is because i am making a portfolio to send to a school of arts.i would like to put a senic picture like the ones you do in my portfolio.

vacher's picture

Thank you, Anneth.
It's pencil on Bristol paper. But the surface doesn't matter too much. It would have been the same on regular xerox machine paper.

aridante's picture

Sigh......beautiful, just beautiful. I love the airy, atmospheric quality of the landscape and the structure. Out of curiousity, what kind of surface have you used?

vacher's picture

Thank you, Steve.
Very cool gallery you have too.

christar's picture

Awesome lighting and atmospherics. Love the structure and composition.

sferris's picture

Very interesting and creative. What a mood you have created.

vacher's picture

Thank you, May-Lin. Yes, coming from Europe, I kept this heavy influence of dark, rainy and celtic environment. My parent's area ( Auvergne, France) has the same kind of feeling as Ireland, with a slightly different type of celtic past.
That's actually where they shot "The brotherhood of the wolf" last year, and the story was one of the most famous legends of that area.

djinn's picture

What an imagination! This is a wonderful drawing, it has that damp, dark feel that I associate with highlands and also reminds me of the rainy days in the place where I grew up (moors of west Denmark), although there were no impressive structures like this one. Smile

Art at its best.