Dinosaur10 by vacher


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Added: Nov 21, 2002
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Visual development Artwork for the Disney movie "Dinosaur" in 1999.

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I look at the painting and the overall scene is soothing when you look at the waterfall and trees and the shades of green used, but if you focus on the dinosaurs, you feel the excitement of the hunt and the fear of the prey as they run away. So in my opinion, this combines the dark fear that can crop up in the most beautiful places.

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WOW!! both of these movies are my childrens favorite ,they think your God!! ty so much for you beautiful work and bringing these pictures into there lives.

isenho's picture

very cool composition Christopher, the black trees borders the painting reall well. i love the nature and the dinos.

vacher's picture

It's funny that you're saying that, Socar, because this painting had to actually be redone precisely for that reason: it was pleasing and soothing when it was supposed to be dark and scary, because it's a hunt.
Oh well, sometimes, you're so lost in the painting process that you can't see the obvious...

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Another beauty...the atmosphere is very pleasing, very soothing.

christar's picture

Great sense of depth.
I can't help it, every time I see these pictures I start singing, "open the door! Get on the floor! Everybody walk the Dinosaur! Boom Boom Wackalacka lacka Boom!".

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The environment is absolutely beautiful, especially the waterfall. I also love the shadows over the Carnosaur's(?) head and neck, especially how the eye looks like it is "glinting" (or how it stands out) from within the shadows.

Art at its best.