Visual development art for Treasure Planet. by vacher

Visual development art for Treasure Planet.

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Added: Dec 13, 2002
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You are incredible... i wish i had the entire gallery so i could use one for my background, this movie alongside other two or three, is one of the VERY few i can watch over and over and NEVER get bored off T^T I love you so much

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Thank you, Kirsi Smile

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Love this! You really have great visionary ideas =), amazing colours..

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Whou incredible!
I love that movie and this pic prings back good memories of the movie.

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you are so good! You've made me wanna work with oils instead of acrylic!and even a little enhancing with digital...

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Congrats with Treasure Planet. It's the best movie ever made in my opinion.I wish you didn't quit Disney,I would love to see you make such wonderful backgrounds for more of their feature films. They must miss you a lot;o)

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Thank you, Ericka.
Although I have to tell you that most of the credits for the color directions in the movie came from my two friends (and bosses) Ian Gooding (Associate Art director) and Dan Cooper (Head of backgrounds), both awsome painters.

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I sat with my mouth gaping thru the entire movie at the stunning colors. I went to see pirates but came back with a lot of inspiration. Awesome awesome work. ^.^

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Thanks, Sergey.

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Thanks. My job at Disney was (I quit the company at the end of February 2002) both painting backgrounds and visual development. On Treasure Planet, I painted only on computer, using both 2D and 3D programs. If you want to get into this business and get the best position as an artist, you'll have to develop skills both in traditional media (drawing, painting) and digital media (2D and 3D). Animation artists who develop these skills are the ones who are going to be the most sought after in the near future (even now).

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Wow! I like it a lot! Beautiful!

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So you're the one responsible for the insanely gorgeous visuals in Treasure Planet. Smile I saw the movie recently, and was blown away by the graphics--and was pleasantly surprised by the good plot. Beautiful!

Out of curiosity, what exactly does your job at Disney entail? Are you also required to work with 3D programs and simulations as part of your background artist job? I'm interested in a career similar to this when I'm older (and...better...), so it's very intriguing to see someone like you online. Smile

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Art at its best.