Endless Dream by vacher

Endless Dream

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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 19, 2003
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Nominated for the ASFA Chesley Awards 2003 in the category Best unpublished artwork.
There are 17 nominees in this category this year, so, I'm not counting on it too much. But you never know...

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good luck to you! this is absolutely amazing! the brilliance! its beautiful! and such outstanding work!!! hooray for you, and congrats on the nomination!!!

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Wow this looks great..the light on the sheet is really amazing. I was thinking of how it would look if the sheet sort of blending in more with the clouds towards the end of it though. Like having it transform into the clouds at the end.

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Wow, this is beautiful! I love your work.

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Thanks, Judith.

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Such detail and such amazing use of light and color. I would feel completely satisfied if I could get half this good with oils...
Beautiful! I think this is my favorite in your gallery. I love the celtic knots. How do you do those in oil so well?

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first i thought this was colored digital, but this is unbelievable.. it is photorealistic, wow...

what can i say? i love is and i admire your talent and your knowledge for colors and light Smile

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Just one thing... Damn you're good.

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Really really nice...truly aspiring..these kind of works are the one that keeping me trying to get better and better. Thank You. Someday...I think I'll get there...or maybe not

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Thank you, Katy.
I'll keep my fingers crossed. And even if I don't win, I will have had at least your words and all these nice comments as a consolation.

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i bet youll win it, if you dont..... i just cant say enough to do this pic decency. it ought to be illegal for one person to have so much talent.

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Thank you, Sarah, thank you everyone!
Well, she was alone last time I checked. Wink

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Absolutely amazing! Your use of light is just breathetaking. I love this picture! Great! You're one of my favourite artists here. Your gallery is a pond of inspiration.

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So beautiful

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This is the caliber of work that makes my stomach do backflips...*gawks* I get the impression that she's not alone under those sheets...am I right? Wink

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As everybody said before, this is a true masterpiece, which fully deserves editor's pick. This looks almost like a picture and I could watch it forever. Those folds are stunning and the shading on her body is fenomenal! Especially her elbow. She looks like she's curled up in a silk sheet with her body almost feeling like silk. It is fantastic the way you create this feeling....... I'm glad to be your student!!!!

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Thank you, abranda.
and thank you to all of you who wrote those touching messages.

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Thank you, Anneth.
There's no meaning to the celtic knotwork, but like I said before, there is a spiritual connotation that inspires my work in many ways.

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Thank you Kort.
The arch doesn't mean anything specific, but there is definitely a spiritual connotation. It inspires my work a lot.

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Thank you, Yeechi.
As for the print, well, there will be a limited edition on canvas soon.
If you prefer smaller, there's a 13" x 19" open edition on Epson photo paper for $30.00 (including shipping) . You can contact me at christophe.vacher@excite.com if you're interested.

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No, i know exactly what you mean, Terry. The size is right, I checked several times because it seemed weird to me too. But the way shadows are cast on the arm (especially on the right side) and the fact it is foreshortened give this weird impression.

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On the day i ever come close to doing something this spectacular, i will die a happy person.

This just leaves me breathless.

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Holy Farfehgnugen!!! I ca-can't believe it! *drops to his knees and softly says* Master, I am your pupil. The fabric, the way you, the, the lighting, so soft, just, just beautiful. *Speechless, Jaw drops to floor* *does kowtow*

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I can't come up with anything coherent to say that hasn't already been said! Any possibility of prints? Maybe?

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Once again Chris, you've managed to out do yourself. Your work is a true inspiration to all that lay eyes on it.

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Stunning. Amazing painting. Does the arch have any meaning?

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Christophe, beautiful, beautiful work! The drapery work is amazing.

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I do believe you are my favorite artist ever. You have all the passion and ecpertise of the old masters and the imagination and inspiration of a muse. I love your work. It's inspiring, breathtaking, and absolutley unbelievable. This piece is "WOW." I love the drapery, and her skin and body structure. Beautiful rendering.

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Oh...my....er....amazing....*drools a little*

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This is so lovely it makes my brain hurt. Especially the cloth.

Art at its best.