The Erlking by zongyu

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Added: Mar 30, 2002
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Regardless of gender, it is a lovely piece. Well constructed and interesting. I love it when the artist gives a piece of a story to tantalize our curiousity. Well done and many kudos. Keep it up. Patter

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Actually..Sarah Buck is absolutely correct. And (mistranslations or not) Goethe did NOT invent the term - it had been existant in Germanic folklore for it really does not matter HOW he saw the character, does it?

Great job, Yu; he is gorgeous. Love the texture of the fabric & use of light and color. =D

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In German and Scandinavian mythology, an “Erlkönig” is an evil spirit that lurks about to threaten humans, especially children. It has often been claimed that Goethe's term Erlkönig is a German mistranslation of the Danish “ellerkonge” or “elverkonge” or “king of the elves,” but in fact this may not be the case. In an interesting German article on the topic, Burkhard Schröder claims that Goethe knew exactly what he was doing, and the term Erlkönig can be traced back to an ancient Greek goddess of death (Todesgöttin) known as Alphito, who became a female Erlkönigin as she moved north, and even the biblical Lilith.
P.S Great Drawing
P.S.S. Directed more to Sarah Burk

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I love the colors used. It's soft, like a golden light. I also like the green colors that you have used.

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Nice job on highlights and proportion. Very well done.

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nice, so nice. like the colors, I do and the fadings. So damn true, keep it going.

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It's beautiful, but wasn't the Erlking an ogre that ate kids?

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this is very beautiful!!! i like the soft colors you used!!!

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I would have to agre its beautiful... but not as beautiful as the artist that ad this true work of art.

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i think its a he

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i agree to all coments and your pictures are very very beatifull , how do you draw it ? airbrush? ami

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Hmm... yes, good picture. I have one thing to say though, the Erl King is a guy. o.o So to all those who say it's a girl, it's a guy, and if it IS a girl. well it shouldn't be. o.O
The Erl King was an elf who would eat the souls of little children. It is a germanic folk tale and is even a classical operatic song. o.O so shaw.

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I love the way she's holding herself, and the colors of course! She looks so fragile, and almost transparent!

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beautiful.. the colors, the girl.. just wow, absolutely wow..'

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Finally I got some time to look at those pictures! I can know how you are by just looking at your drawing! Very pretty^_^!>

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the comments really encourage me to go on~

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My English is too poor to express my feeling...="=
Anyway,Thank you~

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Actually, It's hard to say that it is he or she...I really don't know~

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I agree to all the other comments, dammit people always use up the attributes I need to describe great artworks like this, so here there are some alternatives, perfectly fitting to your picture: pulchritudinous, bonnie, dainty, one word just a dream!

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such a beautiful wisp...very nice indeed!

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Her face is real cool. I like it.

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So ethereal! It's gorgeous!

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Lovely, the way the cloth is wrapped around her:)

Art at its best.