Ouvertüre by themoe


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Added: Apr 16, 2002
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I'm not sure why I titled it this...it means "Overture" in German. It was the first thing that popped into my head. I normally don't do much with Pencil, But I didn't want to do this picture in anything else...and It's Lucifer. He looks pretty mad,ne? I love drawing darker stuff.

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this is beautiful...and done in pencil..I love yor shading. I love pencil drawings but I have a problem with smearing it with my hand as i draw other parts -_-...but is is lovely

shiroi's picture

Wow, very nice touch on the intricate detail as well as an obvious sense of anatomy.

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i luv the roses, the shading and everything really about this picture!!

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Great pose and a good composition, Shannon. The flowers and vines make a really interesting border. Nice work.

themoe's picture

I'm submitting as fast as this hands can submit! *lol* Don't worry! I'll have much more up soon!

themoe's picture

wow! *_* I can't beleive *you're* commenting on something of mine! Your work is so fantastic! And thank you so much for the comment! It means so much!

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Wow it's you again!!! I saw your art yesterday I think...I love your art!!! You and Yaya Han and S W and Jessica Peffer and the one chick from CA (lol, which one? THE ONE GIRL!!) I think are my favorites Tongue NONE OF YOU POST FAST ENOUGH!!! *points at you* YOU! You work faster!!!

socar's picture

The figure is absolutely gorgeous--I love the little ornaments in her hair, and the faraway expression on her face. The border is also very pretty--nice work all round.

themoe's picture

Why, thank you very much!

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*laughs* Thank you, again, for your nice comment!^_^ I've been doing line work far longer then I have been computer coloring. I just started that about 8 months ago! I still have much to learn!^_^

naddy's picture

Wonderful line work & design!

lenoirrose's picture

okay, your line work is even more incredible then your coloring. The flowers! And the vines! o.O wow.

Art at its best.