Purgatory~So Comes The Reaper~ by themoe

Purgatory~So Comes The Reaper~

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Added: Jul 06, 2002
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"Hush, my dear child...please do not cry.
I am on my way to wipe your eyes.
I come with peace and forever time...
So let all of your worries become mine.
Your happiness is what matters to me,
so I will take your soul and set it free.
Free of pain, free of fright, free of day, and free of night.
So come my child, follow me now
into the darkness which is your light
away with your saddness....away with your life."

Meet Purgatory. He tells you when you're gonna die...and if your going to Heaven or Hell. Yes...you heard me. HIM. No doubt someone's gonna say.." oh she's pretty!". *lol* It always happens.

And Sorry for the "eh" scanning job. I asked my mom to seal it with the stick spray..but she sprayed it with STICKY spray. So this is now forever stuck to the plastic cover in my portfolio.

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Great picture and poem! I write poetry too.. I also do songs, and sing them. I'm going to put it on YouTube whenever I get the chance with a video cam.(:

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Sorry, how foolish of me. Forgot to read the other comments...

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Thought it was a girl too...but it doesn't matter. The pic is great! But i have to say... the poem is even better. Have you written it yourself?

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Ooooh, She's pretty! J/K! Just had to say that! ^_^ Great job! Gotta love the pretty boys. Kinda reminds me of Isabella from Paradise Kiss... 'cept.. He wears dresses... But anywho! Wonderful job! Most people would have made Purgatory some dark... muscular.. goth dude. Wonderful wonderful wonderful!


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Oh yeah. I love Malice Mizer. Mana is a god. ^_^

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have you ever herd of the jrock groupe malice mizer. they all dress in drag and there music is good. look them up on google
-koryu the baby dragon

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You really like guys in drags, don't you? *lol* Just kidding. I like it and I like the poem too. Don't think it's cheezy at all! ^__^

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Yep!^_^ I wrote the poem...I thought it was kinda cheezy..o.< but...It works! *lol*

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I love it.(did you write the poem?)

Art at its best.