The Dragon in the Moon by joshuajmarsh

The Dragon in the Moon

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Added: Nov 04, 2003
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Some people manage to find the dragon, others don't. I did repaint the moon in an effort to make it easier to find, but this is the final version. I tried to make it a part of the moon, just like the "man in the moon" is a part of it. As such, it's something of a stylized rendition, not necessarily meant to look exactly like a dragon--just like the man on are moon doesn't really look like a man. I will give you a hint, however: the head curves round our left hand side of the moon and points toward the woman's hair.

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i found it and i think its beautiful

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I think it's beautiful. Don't change it. It's good the dragon is hard to find (although I did find it). It adds mystery to the painting.

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Great concept, Joshua. I had no problem finding the dragon. I like the candel-like points of light around the figure. They contrast really well with the cool background colors.

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So far, I've had two sets of reactions to the moon. The first says "I can't find it." And the second says "I can find it and I like that it doesn't stand out too much." So, what are you gonna do? Wink I'm glad you like it.

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I really like the idea behind this picture. I can see the dragon; it's subtle, but I think it's more effective that way. Wonderful lighting effects; the warm colors on the figure draw the eye to her quite well.

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I'm sorry. I was trying to make it be an actual part of the moon--like the man in the moon is--but I guess I blended it in too much. On the left hand side of the moon, if you look close, you should be able to see the dragon's neck curve around and the face and nose end up pointing toward the girl. I'm currently in the middle of touching this picture up, so I'll try to make the dragon more obvious Smile

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*can't find the dragon*

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This looks great. The shadowy figure tinted with a splash of red looks wonderful with the brighter blue of the background. Awesome work; keep it up. Smile

Art at its best.