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Added: Jun 15, 2002
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Inspired by three things.... 1)A character from Terry Goodkind's Sword of truth novels. 2)the need to force myself to paint in photoshop 3)Playing Morrowind on my Xbox;-)

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As soon as I saw the thumbnail I said "OMG thats from Sword of Truth!!"

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wheres the agiel?? cara need her agiel!

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Awesmome- I'm addicted to Morrowind too! The best game ever!

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great pic, i love it ^_^
but wheres the agiel? you said an inspiration was a mord-sith and you cant have one without the other. lol

oh, and your right, red armor is for torture sessions, brown is for daily use ^_^

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Hello Alistair:
It took seventeen seconds for me to access your portfolio on a DSL line, medium fast. It took nine seconds for 'CARA' to load. After five minutes, the thumbnails are just beginning to load. Zombie house took 11 seconds to load, and it's a reasonable 116 k. This is not a sales pitch-just a 3D buddy with a comment.

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Thanks Marley.... Yep Cara shows up in the third book....Ummmm "Blood of the fold" I think....

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Iv'e read the first two books of that sword of truth series,and absolutely loved them,i guess this character comes later in the series.As i don't quite recall her Tongue,morrowind is bloody addictive so i love that to.great image here alistair

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Thanks michelle...I have to tell you though, Sculpture has always been a passion for me and your art really puts you in a league of your own...if only I could work in a true space environment, instead of working in 3d.... maybe I could have more fun... alas, I think I am stuck in the 2d realm, thanks for the comments...

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Hi cynthia, as always it's a pleasure seeing you in my neck of the woods! For the photoshop thing....Practice, practice, practice.... the more the merrier!Smile actually you can check out my next BG at It's based on Clive Barkers "the Thief of always".... remember though, it's just the bg...setting if you will Smile

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Hi Kay, This was a picture mainly to represent the Mord sith wore red only when torture was expected...(to cover the blood) any other time they wore a brown leather suit....(ooops that's what I thought....the books are very long:-( maybe I should take a closer look?) If I'm in error that's OK, I still like the image..thanks for the awesome comment..I will go back and read the books again....

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love the face. Is exactly how I pictured Cara's face. Thought the armor was red though...although i like this shade of brown. Nice work.

Guest's picture're getting very proficient in Photoshop in a hurry! This is really nice...the lighting is dramatic, the depth is great, and you're getting quite handy with digital medium. Excellent job!

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What a terrific result of your inspiration. This is wonderful! I love everything about it - the weapons, the cave, the colors, and her. Super job!

Art at its best.