-=Imprisoned beauty=- by sofia

-=Imprisoned beauty=-

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Added: Apr 08, 2004
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~oh my prescious doll. I shall keep you beautiful, dressed up like an offering to a fetish god. masked with steal and trussed up with leather. head held aloft with deaths nobility. such pretty pretty doll you make with your dead eyes.~
slipping back to the grung/techno/death type goth feel again. a Thank you to Nadshe and Tom for the sweet gift.
for the record.
no I have not seen the movie. the mask and collar where a gift to me. if you are going to make an accusation at least have the decency to leave your contact information.
if you have doubt about the mask etc please let me know I can put you in contact with the person that gifted it to me. ANY resemblance to the this movie was unintentional and I have sent word to the studio to ask about such similarities and what to do.
Thank you
---UPDATE:April 13, 2004---
I would like to thank the office at newline cimemas for the time they took today to not only answer my questions but to take the time to come and see the pic in question.
Thank you Jeramy for the time you took to help me on this. it is very much appreciated.

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what movie are you guys talking about?
damn, i don't get out much. any way yeah i am loving all of your work and this is a very bone chilling yet enticing peice. i love it, her eyes are so dead and her face is so alive...love it!!

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This is a great painting. As to anyone who posted any negative comments, well jealousy does rear it's ugly head every now and then. Perhaps they were more envious of your painting skills than any resemblance to the movie character. Anyway, I liked your response. Nice work

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This piece is great, i like all of your work regardless of what some a-holes on here seem to think. When i first looked at it i didnt even think of "The Cell" then i started reading posts and rememberd jlo wearing that mask. And who cares if it looks the same, it is beautiful. Ignore everyone and do as u will. so long as ur will is to draw more for me to oogle over Wink ~marsh

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beautiful piece elise. very compelling. i am disappointed that a few knuckleheads are going to deprive the rest of us from enjoying more of your works. i hope you ultimately reconsider. sorry if there was any misunderstanding in the forums.

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I write this for those that remain un-named plaguing this peice with comments that have been set by the artist as hidden. How I know of these comments is simple, I am somebody very close to her. Somebody whom is seeing her torn each time one of these vile little things is put before her. I signed up, simply to post this where they could see it. I know, for fact, that New Line Cinema's have seen and approved this image. If there is doubt, as apparently by the most recent images there is... then prehaps you should call Newline Cinema and talk to Jeremey Vader. He is whom delt with the artist over email and phone conversation, and He is also the one that told the artist that the picture was within fine grounds. Now, Plagerism is a harsh accusation, slanderous indeed. If You are so sure of this plagerism, then prehaps you should quit typing these harsh little nothings here, and contact legal departments, and then have them laugh at you. You see... You cannot do a thing for Plagerism, You dont own the copyright trademark or any such legality. New Line Cinema does. However, they have seen this peice and cleared it. Quit these games and stop being spectres trying to terrorise one artist for something that you have no expertise about.


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Totally Excellent! I just have one qoestion. Where can I get a mask like that?

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Ok, this is enough. as apparently some refuse to understand or read or what ever. I am going to post this here perhaps then some will understand. I have not seen this movie, ANY resemblence in unintentional. When it was noted to me about the similarities. I contacted NewLine Cinemas. spoke to their copyright department.{very nice gentleman by the name Jeremy Vader} He said it was ok. He has seen this picture. I didnt steal -anything- . NewLine Cinemas is ok with it. I do not understand why some persist in making accusations with no basis. I have removed the anonymouse comments option on this pic due to some thinking it is ok to make slanderouse accusations{and not even the decency to leave contact information}. In case you have not read it..or understand it. NewLine Cinemas have been made aware of this pic {by phone and emails by -myself-} -they- are ok with it.

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lol for not seeing the movie thats pretty good look a like ^_^ but great job

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oh no.
this was not my intention at all. Thank you so much Jessey for posting the link.

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All in all this piece is gorgeous, the colors, the work on the eyes (drools) very well done. I think the former commentor may be descibing the outfit seen here:

was the only real good image I could find of it. However The Cell was a very good movie, full of dark fantasy ideal's (very creepy) you might like it. Again I love the feeling you've conveyed..nicely done.

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the cell? I am sorry I havent seen it. the set was a gift to me. I am sorry if it looks like something else. The set made me think of a bird cage almost one to imprison beauty to capture it. I am sorry I didnt know there was another thing out their like this.
forgive me I have googled "the cell" I got one movie site with it but it didnt show any mask. I did a google for "the cell" images and there are many with a red collar but no mask. I went through the full 32 pages I got.
I apologize to anyone if they are offended. I had no intention to mimic anything. I have not seen this movie.

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I really think this a great work but I also think you should say where you got this idea from. Only because it is almost identical to the costume J-Lo wears in the movie "The Cell"

Art at its best.