Dream of Joe by pluto

Dream of Joe

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Added: Apr 17, 2002
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I've always been fascinated with boys with wings for arms since reading the "Seven Swans" fairytale as a child. These characters are Raven and Joe, from an RP I played in briefly.

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I love this peice... Dream on Joe... it's beautiful...*cries* I'll be okay...*sniff*

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I have to agree..it's very VERY good! I love the whole image! Great contrast, line work, concept and composition!! Keep it up!

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It's really fantastic!!
I love yaoi and bishonen and there I find some kind of intensity under the picture as it appears..Smile
Well..I hope you'll keep on with your art and I'd like to guest you on my web site or link at you if you've one..let me know in the case at my mail: semantica@infinito.it

pluto's picture

*grins* thank you, Liaset! I am a huge bishonen fan, as well Smile

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Eeek! Bishies! Yaoi! I so totally love it! I have been searching for some good bishies and I didn't have to go very far. Absolutely beautiful. I love it! Me want more! ^.^

pluto's picture

Thank you very much! I love ink, it's actually what I'm most comfortable with. I don't do it perfectly but I try Smile

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Its absolutely lovely and perfectly rendered. I think ink is one of the most difficult mediums ever.

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Thank you!
I'm very happy you like it.

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it is kind of a surreal picture, and it was from a dream in the RP. Raven is well, a raven and a companion to Joe, who's actually a spirit of death. Raven is constantly trying to awaken Joe... this is a dream of one of their meetings where Raven is trying to reach Joe.

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Thank you! Your own inks are very nice so that is a really wonderful compliment to receive from you!

pluto's picture

Thank you VERY much! I am really flattered ^___^. I don't know if I can live up to your expectations though-- this is probably still one of my best inks to date *minor sweating* I'll try, though!

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Hello Liz, your draw is so amazing, very very beautiful, very well done this lines was great, congratulations!
Visite me! Bye bye ^_^

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I must admit that when I first saw this image way back, I didn't quite understand what was going on in it. I thought it was about an explosion, and a pair of lovers sharing a last kiss in the rubble, something end-of-AnK-ish (and I was completely oblivious to the fact that he had arms for wings ^_~) Even now, I still don't get exactly what's going on, I like it. I especially love how you did his left arm-wing, the transition from muscle to feather is so subtle and natural. ^_~ Wish I coulda seen whatever happened in that RP. Keep drawing and writing! ~ Chibi Chiriko

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I am in love with your inking technique! What an expressive piece of art!

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This is an exceptional piece with a very accomplished inking style. I'm somewhat reminded of Dave Stevens with the nice thick/thin lines and the well-placed blacks. Well, the pressure's on - now we'll expect more great work from you! Wink

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Thanks, Jeanette! It's one of the few I feel a bit satisfied with, too.

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Thank you! Something I'm comfortable with is inks, and black and white pieces in particular. I'm working hard to do color though. Thank you so much for your comments!

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Thank you! I'm a strong believer in the elegance of a line, though I do admit my simplicity can sometimes be from a lack of extended attention span *grins*.

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As if you didn't know, I envy all your art! *grins* So what are you talking about!

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Wow, I didn't expect any comments from an artist of your calibre. Thank you very much! This is probably one of my favorite ink works, I rarely feel satisfied with my own stuff. Thank you for leaving a comment Smile

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Makes me think wind and fluttering touches, soft lips and breathless sighs. Lovely and I envy your talent, but you already know that. ^^ ~ Tracy

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*sighs happily* I've always liked this picture. I'm glad it was accepted... although they'd be crazy not to. Wink

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Your inking skills are amazing!!! I love your style, as well!! Very good! I can't wait to see more of your stuff!

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LOVIN' the wings. yummy!


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Very graphic and VERY beautiful. It's simple and stunning at the same time and I love the interaction and pose of Joe and Raven. Just wonderful!

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Pretty pretty... I am *so* envious of your ink drawing skills. [awe]

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I used to love that fairy tale, too. Beautiful drawing...I love the way you've used large areas of black and white, and just a few light, graceful lines to describe this scene.

Art at its best.