Brothers II by pluto

Brothers II

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Added: Jan 27, 2003
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Elf-Brothers inspired by Tolkien's description of the elf twins Elladan and Elrohir.

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I knew it!!! when I saw the small thumbnail in the gallery I just thought "that looks exactly like elladan and elrohir ^__^ " and I had to watch the fullview... and... it's amazing Laughing out loud

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This is wonderful. You really captured the esscence that you get from the books. Really great job. going to look at all of the others now

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That is awesome! I have looked everywhere for a good pic of Elladan and Elrohir and you are the first person who has come even close to how I imagin them! Thanks for sharing! Smile

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wow, ur r a great elvin artist person thingy. I luv elves and you have the exact idea I have in my head. I bet you used Orlando as a

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W-O-W! look like real elves (where have you seen them to make such a good portrait!!!???

(the orc says they look a bit grumpy, he is scared Wink

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i love that they're not these poncy elves i keep seeing everywhere. yum, very masculine down to the hands. nice!
i'll get my drool bucket now...

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This is the best Elladan and Elrohir I've seen. I love the way you've made them look strong, masculine and dangerous. Please keep on drawing elves, and thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Smile

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I think I love you. That look is great... "I want this and you can't make me let it go"...


Keep up the good work.

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I role play Elrohir... and this picture is... perfect. It's EXACTLY how I pictured Elladan and Elrohir to be. >.< You better believe I'll be sending all I RP with to come see this pic!!!

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sfhjkdsfdshfdjkafhdj They're so perfect!!

pluto's picture

Thanks Smile

pluto's picture

LOL, thank you!

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They are really cool!

kyrn's picture

Aaahhh, hahahhahahah^_^ nice:)

Art at its best.