Zori has fallen by rainbwice

Zori has fallen

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Artwork Stats
Added: Dec 20, 2002
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Zorichan in her normal human form and her altered self in fox form. A demented scientist hellbent on resurrecting an ancient mystical race finds trace dna on an old scroll but not being complete he decides to fill the missing dna with a human female. That girl being Zorichan. As a result the altered Zori is neither human nor a member of the mystic race but a hybrid with only partial powers. Inked with microns, colored in photoshop as a new type of coloring. Not quite dirty art but I really like the color scheme.

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I've really been getting into the brush strokes more so than cell shading lately. I am glad you like it. I can see what you mean though, about not enough scratches. Thank you again for your comments.

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So it's not a dirty cg you say. The thing I like most is the brushstrokes you can see in this piece it gives it a certain kind of emotion rather than that ultra smooth CG that you see (including myself) many do. I like the line hatching as well because it's a different contrast.

Personally I think she could use a few more sctraches and bruises in this piece to give it a more darker feel, but I really do like what you've done here.

And finally Congratulations for getting yourself into this archive. It shows the amount of effort and quality you put into your works!

Art at its best.