A Friend: The Best Way to Cheer Someone Up by mione

A Friend: The Best Way to Cheer Someone Up

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 27, 2002
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Well actually this is the character I'm working on...nothing specific just a rough sketch of the character to be. But anyways this is my actual first picture in Painter (5), as you can see it isn't done quite so well...still haven't understood all the tools. This is my going away gift for one of my friends, Jules, who is leaving for France soon. Her art work in Painter also inspired me to do this. By the way I have no idea what in the world the animal thingy is...my sister said it looked like a neopet...personally it reminds me of a project we had in religion dealing with flour babies.

Medium for Colour: Painter 5
Medium for Line Work: BallPoint Pen (So Amateur..)

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i love the little star fish thing! its so cute and i will be looking forward to your next art!

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Great Job! Keep it up!!

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beautiful.. the char cheered me up with it's sweet smile ! love the bold lines and the sweet images.. the colors work really well together.. the yellow char looks to me like a christmas cookie-man and pikachu together ^.^ Love this image and i can't wait for your next entry! -HuGs-

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By the way, NEVER *EVER* insult the bald point pen. It isn't amature...we're just lazy people. Who wants to use fancy ink anyway?

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I KNOW WHAT THAT GREEN BLOB IS!!! THAT'S MY LUNCH!!! It's a perfect example of what kind of matter comes out of my school's cafeteria. Although I can't tell if it was a spinach blob BEFORE I barfed it up or after...then again it might just be a science experement w/ its own personality and facial structure.

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I love the flowery background, and the watercolour-looking way you've done the colouring. Very sweet, cute stuff!

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Oh wow, you're right! Hehe ginger bread man..ahhh he was hilarious. Thanks for commenting Smile

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i like the expression on her face; the character itself looks pretty cool.......oh and the ''thing'' she's hugging looks like one of those human shaped cookies , like the one from Shrek..still, it looks cool don't worry. Smile

Art at its best.