Reach For It! by mchugh

Reach For It!

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 08, 2002
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I decided that my portfolio called for more action scenes, so I went to my tablet and this was the result. Like my other pieces, it was done using a Wacom Tablet and Corel Painter 6.

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1: The monster should be looking at its pray, not out the window, just seems to me like even though the guy is pushing it away, it would try to eat him out or something.

2: The guy's harm just doesnt scream out "cant reach it" it just looks like he's resting his harm lifelessly, if it was a little bit over the gun with his fingers extended, it would be perfect.
But hey-I'm just a guest here, its very nice drawing, keep doing more of these.

ryanwalsh's picture

This reminds me of Spliter Cell in the year 3000...

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I love how you shade muscles, it creates a very fleshy, supple texture. Great action scene.

socar's picture

I love fight scenes--this one is awesome! Love all the action going on, and the design of the beastie. The one thing I might suggest is that the effects of the strong, bright light coming in the door should have more effect on the figures--that is, brighter highlights.... Really, just a small nitpick, though. It's awesome.

megaflow's picture

This certainly does have a lot of action and I'm a sucker for a scene that tells a little story like this one. The only critique I might have would be that all the lines are very sharp, and a scene with this much movement might benifit from some blurred (or "lost") edges to denote that feeling. I would recommend looking at Walt Bayless here on Epilogue for a great example of that effect! (And sorry to be so critical, this _is_ a nice piece - I just think it could be even better!)

Art at its best.