Waterfalls by liallan


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Added: Apr 30, 2002
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This drawing was made for a friend of mine, I wanted do do somethin with rocks and stuff, it supposed to be just a sketch.. but I just had to finish it.

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it's great, too.

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Wow, this is fantastic pencil work! The entire piece is beautiful to look at and you've taken a lot of care with the detail - keep up the great work!

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oh gads, this is beautiful! that scenery and the unicorn and girl are such a nice addition to it!

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The underlying shapes and structure in your horses are so accurate! I also like the japanese looking misty mountain in the background. great pencil work!

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You know, to me it seems like the girl is going "well what do we do now?" and the horse is like "Well, don't look at me.."
Anyways, that is a hell of a lot of amazing detail, the rocks especially, and the water, those I would imagine.. well to me would be very hard, and the wrinkles of her skirt, you have so much creativity and imagination.

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it is? ^_^ I know that picture he made with the uni/girl, but this was actually inspired on a modern paiting of falls (a verry abstract one) the girl and th uni.. just... wel happned Laughing out loud

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Love your pic, it's very Boris Vallejo inspired and that's nice=)

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Simply beautiful! Welcome to Epilogue.

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This is a very ambitious piece, and I think you've managed to control all the detail well. I really like how the wind is subtly moving everything. Also, the folds of the dress are great!

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Oh, I like the way, she holds her dress an the leg under it. It's a nice movement.

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Beautiful pencil work!

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this is beautiful...i especially like the scenery at the back, the water and your rocks...the horse is very well done too although the head looks a lil big and flattish..but everything else is great!!

Art at its best.