Lolth by jrussell


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Added: May 06, 2002
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Digitally coloured

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"Lolth tlu laoles; jal ultrinnan zhah ilta xunin." For those humans here: "Lolth be praised; all victory is her doing."

Love your work!

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I think this is not like loth...but i like the man under the spider...I think it's just like a

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sucks to be that guy!

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I'm pretty sure that you're not checking your comments, but I have to say -- this is the most convincingly horrific Lolth that I've seen in a long time. Most people pretty her up and give her a full torso, which is fine and dandy, but this really illustrates her disgusting aspect. Brilliant.

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heh heh. Include a hobbit next time. And WOW! *Dreams*

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Man, I hate spiders! Especially ones with humanoid heads (this is due to an especially disturbing nightmare I had). But the quality of this image cannot be denied. Keep up the good work!

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You made a good representation of the Drows' goddess: lolth! She's really creepy and mercyless. You made a great job! heheh. LIVE LONG DUNGEONS&DRAGONS!! lol ^_^

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OOooh. A drider, very nicely done.
Hooray for evil, gruesome, insane dark elven goddesses! Laughing out loud

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Woah! It reminds me of the Spiders of of a book by J.R.R Tolkien (Can't spell)! I noticed that the spider has "Female" Traits...Are trying to say someing?

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I guess I can write off sleeping for the next few days. I find it difficult to nod off when I have to leave the lights on all night!
Thanks alot!!
Great piece of work!

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Creepy and Disturbing! Darn good job.

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I wonder if their is some Freudian symbolism here, that guy is definitely being devoured by a black widow of sorts. I agree that the simple white background makes this image more striking. Medium Pencil? Well if you colored this with colored pencils, then bravo on an excellent job!

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wow! This is creepy & beautifully excecuted! A wonderful design to top it all off!

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Ugggh...such a horrible visage, and so beautifully executed! The simple background really lends itself to the focus and the detail is superb. Gosh, this is disturbing! Nicely done!

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Great creature design and subtle coloring.

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Allright! More monsters! You sir, have a new fan. I really like your line work, and just about everything! And color too! Your pieces have so much more life to them in color. KEEP EM COMIN! (Cough cough tutorial? cough)

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This is excellent! It is actually frightening to look at, I love it!

Art at its best.