Male Half-elf by sedone

Male Half-elf

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Added: May 06, 2002
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Portrait of a male half-elf.

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Amazing. The colors just blow me away. The look in his eyes is just............AWESOME!!!

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He resembles me of Jhonny Depp somehow.

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Wow! I swear it is like I can see two different faces in his features. On one side (truthfully it would have to be his right side (our left)) I see a look of sheer determination and willpower while the other side is... is, psychosis? Excellent and if I may compare much better than you half-elf female.

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I am no artist, but wow. Its a shame I haven't seen this piece until four years after it was made, but wow. This is some serious piece of artistic talent.

Go Johnny Depp!

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I like the light effects in this, and I agree with all the previous posts...this doesn't look like a digital image. Maybe you designed it this way, or maybe it's just me, but it looks like his nose might have been broken before. Makes him look tougher. Smile

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At first glance, he looked strikingly like Depp...
He has very intense eyes- you always do such a wonderful job with colour.

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looks remotely like johnny depp

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*lol* yes he really reminds of Jonny Depp, but your work is awsome, I love your coloring and your portraits are very expressive

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My favorite of your portraits..I love the downward angle of his face and his curious expression. I'd peg him as an evil or loner character by the darkness of his expression and eyes though. His ears are a bit large for a half elf..but i'm no expert on the matter. He reminds me of Johnny Depp for some reason..I think it's his lips and brow^_^

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*drools wiping her chin* i must say, he is VERY handsome.. do you know where he lives so i may stalk him? Lol! .. Jp, you are VERY wonderful at colored works.. i wish i could be as good

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this is an amazing portrait. i have to agree with the others on your choice of colours. very dramatic and i love that sullen loom in his eyes. gorgeous!!

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I'm just repeating: Magnificent portrait! I especially like the variation of color you used to render his skin. Looks like you used Jonny Depp for reference Wink

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Oh man, this is utterly amazing! I feel so honored to have my gallery near yours. Every time I come around my gallery I see yours right there. Man, someday I dream of such talent. I have to practice! ^-^

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Nice pic, Man. I enjoy the immense detail you put into this work... I'm sure many fantasy-lovers would enjoy this this pic, I sure do!.

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Very good, very natural looking portrait. Your paint strokes are right on.

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Awesome painterly brush strokes, and I love the aquiline features.
Very bright, crisp and clear details, the multi-colored flesh tones are beautiful. Superb fantasy character portrait!

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Awesome, my favourite. The colors are awing.

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Thank you for the compliments. I have to admit I wasn't sure if some of the colors would work.

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A this is my favorite and all of them are most excellent. The flesh tones and drama of this blows me away though. You captured a look in his eyes also that grabs you. I will be looking for more of your work.

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Handsome half elf! Wonderful portrait!

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nice portrait, i like the blue-red colours u choosed for the skin

Art at its best.