Wolf by sedone


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Added: May 09, 2002
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One of the few animals I've drawn. I don't think anyone's going to ask me to do any wildlife paintings any time soon.

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That i love wolvws and your painting is awsome!Its very livly and I love it!

From : K.D.

sedone's picture

Thank you!

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Original-looking watercolor feel. Don't see a lot of that with digital images. I like it!

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A great painting. Like it and it's atmosphere very much!

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The glowy eyes are neat, in the background.
This reminds me (sadly) of the very first Tomb Raider game, in the very first levels...empty caverns with that scary ambient noise, and wuffs!

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I like it very much. I have pictures of wolves all over my room and I think that your painting is much better than all of them. It's haunting. At one moment, the wolf in the forground looks smiling, and the next it looks like its going to attack. I love it so much.

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I think it's a wonderful picture, very realistic and well executed!

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Nice wolf--awesome wolf, in fact. I like the small collection of other wolves in the background, with their glowing eyes, as well.

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I think it looks excelent!!!! I agree with Aiko, the wolf needs another leg, but hey that's easy to fix! Won't even take you 15 minutes:) Awsome work though! I love wolves!!! It's nice to see a dark colored wild life painting, something different you know? The wolves in the background are like spirits and I feel as if the snow is like somekind of dreamy haze.

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What are u talking about, so its a little dark for wildlife. Um is he missing a back leg, cuase I don't know if it would be totally hidden behind the right foreleg or not. Great use of lighting, and warm and cool colors.

Art at its best.