Jukkai 1984 - Cat and Dog by a-chan

Jukkai 1984 - Cat and Dog

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 06, 2002
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Artwork Description

I like rain, I like cats, I like this type of suburbs and I like telephone strakes(?), so I drew this picture.... I like the song 'Jukkai 1984' by Akina Nakamori, so I named this pic like it^___^

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Ooooh , girl...I've seen that cat...the cat is amazing girl , I focused in that cat!!!xDDDDD Looks like me when I've stolen a cookie.

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Awww!!!!!!!That cat is so CUTE..in a slightly evil way...I likitalot!!!Cool It looks like he (she?)'s thinking "Just wait till you turn this corner..." feel slightly sorry for the bulldog!!8)heheh...I love it, it's really really cool!!!!!!! Es ist super!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you all from my heart^__^

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i see the cat!! this is so cute!!! i love it!!!

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This one's definately going to be on my desktop for a long time Cool. I like the whole scene ; and I agree ; cats are cool and so is the rain =)

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OH, I love this! The rain look and the perspective is great! The girl looks so cute, and I really like the suburbs look to it too.

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Hi Xenia! How are you?!
Oh my god!! You draw really good, I love this draw and I just want to say: Congratulations!! bye!
Visit me ^_^

a-chan's picture

look, behind the left front wall, in the down corner... see..?!?*gg*

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Du merkst wohl alles, stimmt..?!?*gg* Ist man grad mal einen Tag hier, ist klein Artea schon zur stelle*hihi**knuddel*

a-chan's picture

no problem^^

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thank you very very much^o^~

(BTW, I adore your cosplay costumes, they're really sooo beautiful Laughing out loud Keep on good work!!)

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yesyes, rainy pictures are very nice^o^~
I like to draw it very much, it's big fun, you should try^_-

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But I don't see any cats here....????!!@_@. Bulldog?I like your road shading! It gives a feeling of wet surface!

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So sieht man sich wieder, A-chan!
Tja... denen hier gefällt dein Bild wohl auch!

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that epilogue guest comment was from me.. forgot to login, sowwy ^__^

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Wow, everything about this picture is so nicely done! The background and the rain is wonderful!!

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i like this alot. the phone thignies remind me of serial experiments lain... aaah, i've been wanting to draw a rain picture for so long now. better do it soon ;]

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