Melkor and Fingolfin by timovihola

Melkor and Fingolfin

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Added: May 07, 2002
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Very nice!

Definitely my favorite artistic rendering of Morgoth/Melkor.

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I don't know if you'll see this. It's been a long time since anyone wrote here. But I've some seen some great work on this epic moment -- FIngolfin vs Morgoth -- and yours is among the very best. Not even John Howe or Alan Lee could do better. The gloom and smoke outside Angband, the red haze of Morgoth's ever-burning fires, the swift-falling hammer, Grond, and of course Ringil, shining like a cold star -- beacon of hope for men and elves. Why don't you put up more of your work?

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thats frikkin awesome! not really anythin else i can say im afraid Tongue

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I never thought we could capture motion in a painting....

The dimensions itself give the impact....

i bow...

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Unbelivable artwork! Best capture of the fight between Fingolfin and Melkor(Morgoth)!

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thats great this picture better then others

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Wow, this captures all of "the silmarillion" in one picture.

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I love the picture its one of my favourite scenes in the silmarillion the way ringil shines captures fingolfins bravery and anger the red mist background is demonic and hypnotising and gives off the feeling of angband looming in the background

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And fantastic Morgoth - he looks real here, as he could look at the moment. Nothing scary-funny, as soem people paint. Redness gives more impression to the scene, with the lonely light in the middle. Brave Fingolfin 'rides like a star into darkness'... Regards, Hathor

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I'm not articulate enough to say what a great piece of art this is. And that may be the best interpretation of Melkor that I have ever seen. I have seen one where he looked like a woman.

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I just finished reading that part of the book in my car and I saw this picture and totally spazzed out... it's great; the way Fingolfin is standing there like a small glimmer of hope and Melkor's all like... "Rawr". But, um, anyway, your work is insanely awesome!

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we see the world in a common light.

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Awesome, but Morgoth should be more like Sauron from the movie w/ a iron crown and no eye visibility

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Now that is quite awesome!

There is some things, though.
First, as they said, Fingolfin probably woudn't be standing like that. Also, Melkor/Morgoth had a huge black shield (yes, the badass could actually wield that hammer with one hand!).
But really, this is totally awesomelike Wink

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Beautiful work! hehe tell me that Melkor stands a chance Tongue!!

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It takes great courage to draw Morgoth, or Sauron, or any of Tolkien's less humanoid characters.People tend to get extremely picky and analyze every single detail of the image. So,kudos to you, this truly is,as already said, something even Howe couldn't present better. The composition and flow of colours really suits an epic battle. I can easily imagine this standing on the wall in an elven house/pallace such as Rivendell. BTW, I know I'm beeing a pain in the @ss, Fingolfin was suposed to be jumping around,avoiding Morgoth's hammer,but here he's standing on a small and tall peak... makes you think...

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Absolutely, beyond a doubt, brilliant.

If Tolkien was alive today, he would be astounded.

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I love the smoke, creates this amazingly dramatic atmosphere, and Melkor's evils. The speed and force of the hammar is also brilliantly represented. Fingolfin is great as well, the fully challenge pose. What a beautiful sword. Definitely the High Elven King. Melkor though, I think is the best, he looks almost human, almost beast, you did a wonderful job drawing his state of being fallen, at the same terrifying and mysterious almost..

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Being obsessed with The Silmarillion I have seen many pictures of Morgoth but this one is the abolutely best one I have seen. Not even the pictures by artists such as John Howe or Ted Nasith are better. This interpretation of the duel between Fingolfin High King of the Noldor and Morgoth Bauglir is outstanding, thank you!

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wow this incredible, I'm beyond words.

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Great atmospher and colors.

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Awesome Pic, I love the way you combined your colors.

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this is incredible

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really good =)

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Just great! I hope to see more of your work soon.

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What a great job. The red smoke is alive with demonic movement. Top notch work.

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What you have done here is genius in my opinion. I love the fluid texture of the red light in the background and how it flows with the movement of the characters, it is reminiscent of an infared body heat scan or something. This piece has an ancient and mythological feel to it, truly epic.
Your approach to this painting is fresh and new to me, I really like your style.

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Very moody piece, Timo. The subtle higlight of red on the larger figure really helps to ground it within the painting.

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This picture show the motion and wild feeling, the red just great.

Art at its best.