Called to the golden hall. by destinyfall

Called to the golden hall.

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Added: Jun 28, 2002
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this pic is of a valkyrie taking a chosen warrior to Valhalla, as Odin watches from his throne Hlidskialf...his raven's Hugin and munin, and i few of there close friends watch and and send word to Odin about the battle.

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This is a extraordinary picture...I like it the most because of the fact you used a pencil.Most artist on this website use digital stuff i like that you kept it orginal!!!

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And Jessica, you should hit up book publishers and movies/television shows for cover and poster art. You are a good compiler of images in one composition. So classic! ....LOVELY stuff here...... I'm serious. Start doing this. Movie posters, girl. MOVIE posters.

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well, odin is much older than the vikings, and before them people where nice spiked helmets. but anyway, hwo cares, everybody likes horned helmets >=)

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yes i know that the viking didn't have horned helmets, this was a pic was for a album cover and i was told to put the horns nobody knows what odin really looked like...=D BTW thank you very much for commenting =)

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I know that I'm being picky here, and it's a good pic, but the vikings actually didn't have horned helmets.
To me it almost looks a little british.
anywayz, kepp up the good work!!!Wink

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thank you very much Shock)glad you like Shock)

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Jessica, this is one real good pic. I admire all your work.

Art at its best.