Hero by destinyfall


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 10, 2002
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this drawing is from a story me and my brother were working on.
he had a name but i don't remember it ;o)

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We need to chill a bit. What is this about taking time to present yourself well? You're not doing too good here, yasself? There are ways to comment and ways to nitpicker. What are you doing? Hmm? ...old comment but hey...

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thank you! very glad you like it!

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You're great with this stuff. Every pic is full of details, full of life. Also your stylized forms are really cool from the moon to the coat to the body.
Great work!

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thanks alot!!!! well it did have shanner shadow on it (ashamed) but i fixxed it and sent it back...the Epilogue people were nice enought too take it back Shock) and yes i did press the pencil very hard to get that look =D.

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I dont see any scanner shadows or bad marks, I think it's a great drawing, so much detail, I like it! I don't think it looks too busy at all. I wish I could draw like that! I can't believe it's pencil, it looks like ink, you must have pressed it really hard.

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nope its all pencil....actually the pecils i use are these free ones my dad got from his work...i don't ever now what kind they are but they work.

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well actually this was just a character drawing i desided to put a backgrownd on...my style is a little busy :/ but i'm always afraid i don't put enough detail...then i put too much hehe.

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I can't quite figure out what's going on in the pic; the composition is a little too busy. I can tell you've got skills, but I think you need to simplify the textures a bit in order to more clearly 'tell the story'.

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I like this picture. You must be using a very soft lead pencil... I thought it was partially inked with at first.

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This picture would look far better if you took the time to present it well. I'm honestly surprised that it was accepted with the paper edge and scanner shadow showing.

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Great pic Jessica, love the gritty style you have. Something about it reminds me of Tim Vigil's work.

Art at its best.