Lightbringer by meshenka


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Artwork Stats
Added: Mar 05, 2003
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Open Canvas painting with photoshoppery over the top.

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Guest's picture

i cant breathe! wow its breathtaking!! by the way the puppy thing is very cute - stephanie

meshenka's picture

Thanks for the enthusiasm, Peter!

peter-orban's picture

I didn't really realize for the first time, what it could be (O.K. i saw something like a priest or something like that...), but the little thumbnail has many-many sectrects....

So i open'd it and i think this work is one of the best (i like the other two works - "The Stand" and the "Brother's Fun" too), but this one, the duotone colors and the powerfull light and shadow contrast - really, very-very impressive... Go on, don't stop!!!

meshenka's picture

Thankyou very much Lisa, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

lisahunt's picture

Wow, what a unique vision. This is my favorite of yours so far. Don't ever stop being weird. Smile

meshenka's picture

Thankyou Tasha, I really admire your work as well.

iscalox's picture

Wow, this is splendid! I love the picture! Wonderful textures and lighting.

meshenka's picture

Thanks for commenting Nell! I'm sure being 3 ranks above is just a superficial thing, we shouldn't judge ourselves by pre-concieved ranking systems that downgrade our self-worth. Er....what am I saying? I WIN, muahahaha!

elven-nell's picture

Hey Cameron! Damn you being three ranks above me! Wink I really like the eerie feeling here, good work.

meshenka's picture

Thanks Ihsan! It's a grand total of 4 layers, the basic image, 2 textured ones and a Gradient Map on top of that for the dramatic lighting.

Guest's picture

What makes this look infinitely better is the better texture work - looks like 2 or 3 layered basic texture images and tweaking some layer options - with the colour scheme it's a good end result.

meshenka's picture

Thanks Meredith, I had the illustrious mr William Hollingsworth show me the light (*budum bum tssssh*). As he showed me, adding texture in PS can really help a picture.

kyrn's picture

Woah, it looks completely different now! I likethis look:)

Art at its best.