Night Mistress vs 2.0 by meeshy

Night Mistress vs 2.0

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Added: Jun 09, 2002
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This one is done in all charcoals . . . which I have come to the realization that I am not a good enough artist to use just yet. This was a pain in my . . . fingers to do hehe This took about 16 hours of pain staking work to produce. I am so used to doing everything with just one little mechanical pencil, but with this I had to use more than one pencil for the dark and lighter shading. Very hard for me. No smudging again, though I am not sure if I am suppose to smudge with charcoals or not. Done on 70 weight paper with charcoal pencils 2B and 4B (since they are the only two I have) and a vinyl and kneading eraser.

This is the second vampire in a series I am doing of vampires . . . why? I don' know, but I am doing them none the less hehe She is . . . well in my opinion, probably a Lasombra type of vampire from White Wolf genre. Not necessarily a Lasombra, but with the darkness and shading I think it is appropriate.

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michelle i think you are too hard on your self! the angele on fliss is perfect her neck is so swan like and the self protrait held an honesty so rare in its flaw and beautiful in the raw i think you just need a rougher grain with charcoal. i always use rice it takes more dammage.

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phooey! You are a great artist! No need to stand in awe of my little works. Go look around on Epilogue! Ten times better artists out there heh Laughing out loud But, thanks soooo much sweetness!

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aw, MIshelle, this is awesome! Thanks for the comment on me little gallery, and youre is awesome! Wow...I stand in awe. *awe*

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she is just in a dark background. At night in front of either an arch or a tunnel. I don't even know what I was drawing heh. But, yeah I was not too happy with it. It being my first charcoal though I didn't exactly know what I was doing. But, thank you so much for the comment!

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Though I'm not sure how much I like the rest of the composition (I guess 'cos I can't tell what a lot of it is supposed to be) I really, REALLY like her expression! She's so mysterious...perhaps sad at having to be so aloof? But duty calls her.

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hehe I understand you fine Laughing out loud I am American and I can't speak good so no worries Wink Once again thank you so much Smile I really appreciate your wonderful comments!

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Oh hey, this is another wonderful image. You're really good at catching an expression on a face (not sure uf you'll know what i mean, lol, cause english isn't my motherlanguage). With best regards from Switzerland, Michael

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Aww thank you so much! I found that charcoals are very hard indeed hehe. Well at least for me. Having to switch back and forth between pencils just to get the right shading. Very troublesome hehe. But, yes, I prefer my mechanical pencil! Does everything in one swoop! My other picture in my gallery is done in the mechanical pencil, and I will try to get another one up that I have done in it too. Thank you so much for commenting! Laughing out loud

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I have a nubbing stick, and they make a 6B! That must be extremely dark! I will go look for supplies today heh Wink I didn't even think about the paper towels/baby wipes. That is an awesome idea! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Out line with the mechanical pencil? Yes, that would definately help me hehe. Though I have never used pastels . . . ever hehe. So that would be like opening up a new can of worms all together for me! Wink But, I will of course try it out. I am really good at trying new things Smile Once again thank you!

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ack! I have no idea what a conte pencil is hehe. I have only been drawing for six months hehe. So all this is very new to me. But, I am sure I can pick them up at my local art store Laughing out loud I will look for them! I was told by a friend to use a clean makeup brush to wipe off the powder, it works wonders I found hehe. But, thank you so much for your comment and help!

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Or try conte pencils; they're a little greasier, and therefore don't powder and smudge quite so readily. I blend with a dry, soft paintbrush, to keep the lines from getting too greyed. Unfortunately, I don't have any examples scanned in, as they aren't fantasy in theme, but 'Wolfsbane', at my Epilogue gallery, employs some of the technique in his face. Just keep'll all fall into place. I love b&w pieces...

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I use charcoals a lot at and I know what you are talking about. Try picking up a 6B and a paper nubbing stick, that way you save your fingers. I always keep paper towels and handiwipes around too, because I have a tendency to accidentally smudge my work, so the towel helps prevent that. If you use a softer lead in your mechanical pencil, you can of course do the outline in that and then fill in with charcoal. You can also try blending charcoal with some darker pastel sticks in greys and blacks, I find that their smoothness gives me a richer darkness. Hope this helps! Don't give up on charcoal, it is a wonderful medium.

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Nice angle on the face. I always use just a little mechanical pencil too. I don't like charcoals, I have trouble controlling them the way I like to. I think that's why this one impresses me. Beautiful.

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