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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 10, 2002
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This is a character named Fliss from a fantasy role playing game. She wields magic inside her, but she is very shy. This image is a redone version of the original since my art portfolio was recently stolen at an art competition. Done in mechanical pencil with no smudging.

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meeshy's picture

Yes I was sooooo angry. And, the people there were like "Oh, sorry." Very disturbing. The original actually was not as good as this one. So I was very happy with the second version compared to the first. As for smudging . . . the reason I stopped is because everyone was saying I should not. I haven't been drawing very long. I think I am up to eight months now coming this september. So I try what every one tells me to try. I do smudge on my charcoals because it does make them more realistic. But, stopped on my pencil drawings because everyone told me I should. hehe I will try to smudge a bit to try and find the perfect balance. Thank you so much Laughing out loud

winonanelson's picture

Your portfolio was stolen??!! Oh, that's terrible! Did you get this to live up to the original? I know when I try to redo something I'm never as happy with it as the first time around... I want to ask: why do you shy from smudging mecha pencil? With tiny tiny detail work I can understand, I avoid smudging then too. But with large smooth areas like this, smudging might make the shading more realstic. It's gorgeous shading already, but in the shadow of her face, the grain of your pencil work is pretty apparent.

meeshy's picture

Goodness! I have seen your page and you are a talented digital artist! Why on earth would you want to do art like me! But, thank you none the less hehe Laughing out loud I am gonna have a swelled head for the next couple of days Wink

bozenicar's picture

Hi Michelle,
this is really a great piece of art! I do like her face very much; the nose, the eyes and the lipps - perfect! And her hair is great too. All in all a womderful drawing.
And i really wish, i could draw like you. Wink

meeshy's picture

Thank you so much! Laughing out loud I really appreciate the comments Smile

meeshy's picture

-toes the ground- aww your giving my ego a big push there! Laughing out loud But, thank you so much hehe, I am not good with actual portraits, the picture looks nothing like the reference, but I am so glad you like it! And, thank you so much for commenting! Smile

swisnie's picture

Very nice. Good classical look!

naddy's picture

What a beautiful portrait! You have excellent control. I love your use of line work & how it follows the contour of the figure. The pose of the figure is a classic. VERY NICE WORK! Excellent tonality too!

Art at its best.