Tavern Wench by meeshy

Tavern Wench

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 04, 2002
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Artwork Description

Role Playing character of mine. She is a tavern girl and here she looks like she is ready to punch some one. Or like she is just really tired and wanting to go to her room now. Kinda has that fed up look of not wanting her rump pinched or asked for another beer look about her. Done in charcoals, my second attempt at the medium.

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meeshy's picture

hehe of course we can trade Smile Just let me know who you want me to draw and a general verbal picture of them and I will attempt one for you Wink

shoepixie's picture

wow...I like this one! Yah, charcoals are difficult, aren't they? Yet I love 'em...but the Reeceand Grey kissing pic is the only time I have ever managed, tho. You have managed spectacularly well! I agree w/ you about that hair, but hey, that's ok. Her eyes esp I think...are enchanting. And hey, we gotsta do a trade sometime!!! Would you like to do Moren? Or anyone you like! (I am eyeing your vamp chica *grin*)

meeshy's picture

I found it so hard to do charcoals when I first started trying them. Very hard indeed. Now I am beginning to like them more and more. Thank you so much for your kind words. I really like "Hairy Elf" better for my attempt there. My self portrait on my main page at the bottom kinda stunk hehe. But, over all I think I am getting better at them Laughing out loud

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Beautiful shading on the skin. You make it look like skin. The nack and by the base of the neck especially, she looks like if I look closely enough I'll see her chest rise and fall as she breathes...

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Yep, my second attempt. My first was the vamp chicka in this gallery. And, yeah, the reference picture didn't have like any highlights in it, so I was trying to keep it dark like the model's hair. I think I did make it too dark though. Thanks for the comment as always! Laughing out loud

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I think your technique is coming along nicely, if this is indeed only your second attempt at the medium. I think the hair is flat, however. The face is so nicely modeled, and even black hair has some highlights and shadow. Sometimes this happens if you use a photographic reference, as photos tend to lose definition in the dark areas. Nicely done, though!

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