Dead Eyes by fate135

Dead Eyes

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 13, 2002
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That something which stares at you out of the darkness as you lie awake in your bed struggling to flee, but frozen in silent terror.

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it is a puppet very clever

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oh my gosh! oh my gosh! This is so awsome, just freaky, but i am entraced as if i am in the room with her cant scream, cant move, just frozen with silent terror like you said. See, my house is haunted and possesed and my porcelian doll i got for christmas one year did the exact same thing, stared at me. You could see her in the moonlight and watched how her shadow moved ever so slightly. After that night i threw her out into the living room where my mother placed her on a chair, and i havent seen her since. She disapeared. One of these nights she will probably come back for me. I was like 10, now i am 15.

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the saying goes as such: the eyes are the window to the soul... I ask that if the eyes are dead what about inside the body? ~ diana

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oh look her head has been choped off ..and there seems to be a line going from the top of the piece to her wrist..oh...and it looks like her hand has been cut off too but mabe it's just blod squirting from the ceiling making a line on her wrist? oh well i love the collors in the backround and the feel that her velvet dress gives to the painting (roses are always freekey)

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I am very fond of the dark goth style you use here. It is rarely pulled of well anymore. But I think you've managed to kick it's ass. Nice work!

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wow, deep mahogany and renaissance like feel to this one

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I love the dress! the colors...Everything about it! It gives me a great idea for a outfit I'm drawing for a friend!!

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Now THIS is scary stuff... That gaze is indeed horryfying, yet I am drawn to look at her again, only to have that uneasy feeling again (I'm not the kind to get easily spooked either- in this house you get used to stuff like that, trust me) The colors you chose add so much to the over all effect. This is a very striking pic. How was it going as you were drawing this? Just curious, as a fellow artist whose art has been described as disturbing at one point or another. Great Job... this is chock full of heeby jeebies, creepy crawlies, and all that wonderful yum yum fun stuff! (-^^-)

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