Freedom from Life by zardoz

Freedom from Life

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Added: Jun 04, 2002
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Inspired by Norman Rockwell and horror movies.

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Well,. . . . obviusly you have talent, but might I suggest that you use Norman Rockwell and some nice musicals as inspiration instead of horror movies. Patter

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You should read Jonathan Swift's short story "A Modest Proposal". It seems like this work is inspired by the disturbing story.

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You must want to put a message out. You are a true example of "A Hunger Artist".

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That's kind of strange. I had clicked on the image thinking, "why is there this random happy thanksgiving picture?" and then it was like whoooa it's more of horror than fantasy u know.

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Worthy of the Masters of the Macabre. I hope much of your work is in this vein, as there is far too little being produced. Your vision is a black comedy, please continue the saga.

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I'm really, really worried about this image. It's just wrong...That baby doesn't have enough blood to feed a whole family of vampires. What sort of Thanksgiving is that?

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This is really a dark twisted take on Norman Rockwell !

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What I see in this is a very clear message to the world that we are too damn crampt in this work and pretty soon all we will have to eat, is each other. STOP HAVING BABIES NOW (or we will end up like this) that is what this picture says to me, and it says it very very well ^_^

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oh my gosh thats so funny! haha, i notice that the people have vampiric teeth...hmmm must be a delicacy.

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Reminds me of the satire Johnathan Swift wrote... twisted, but damn funny.

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I'm sad to see this looks like your first and last image on Epilogue, but I have to chime in with a kudos on this one. It took me a moment to clue in, and then I just guffawed. Cheers!

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That is just disgusting , I mean really disgusting and wrong.

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That is some crazy... Wow aha thats cool. But it took me a while to notice what exactly was going on... Thats cool, great job on colouring too!

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awww such a heart warming family gathering I bet they can't wait to eat

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My god that's disturbing.....keep it up!

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That's just too twisted! But, it's excellent! Your meshing of Norman Rockwell and horror movies is spot-on!

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My favorite part about this is how the jolly guy down in the lower right corner takes on a whole air of menace in this version... Brr...

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Disturbing. Fabulous Work.

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This is f***ing hilarious! This is by far, the funniest piece here at Epilogue. I keep cracking up! Well done! That baby has no idea what he's in for. Rockwell would be proud.

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that is just wrong....
where is the apple in the baby's mouth and the garnish??

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Okay, this is weird. Way to go, Greg. You got a good laugh out of me. Nice painting by the way.

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