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Living by the root of Yggdrasil, the World tree, in a pit of serpents, Nidhogg feeds on the bodies of the dead at Hvergelmir (the bubbling cauldron), the spring in Niflheim that acts as the source of the rivers of the world. He gnaws at the root of Yggdrasil and taunts the majestic eagle that sit in its limbs. (Artwork for Lore of the Gods, © Bastion Press 2003).

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The image is so fascinating. Creepy yet very imaginative. I've never thought that the nidhogg would be this cool. I'm an adict when it comes to myths and I'd say this image tells the entire story of the creature

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The wings on nidhogg are so cool! i love them, and the snakes are creepy lol awesome work!

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this is one of the most interesting version of Nidhoggur I've ever seen! I always imagined him as more of a snake but this one works fine! Smile

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As a norse mythology enthusiast I must say you captured quite a scene here. I love it!

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To quote Indy, "Snakes. I hate snakes!"

But take that as a compliment Smile Those snakes are rendered so well that it makes me go eww. I also loved the wings on the Nidhogg.

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ahhhhhhh those snakes, I think you have captured one of my nightmares, excellent!

Art at its best.