Big Brother is looking after you... by nenne

Big Brother is looking after you...

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Added: May 29, 2002
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In the book of al books there say that a number will apair on you at the end of days. This is a verson of what culd be... Painted with painter 7.0 and Photoshop.

Story to this painting:

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Hi Rene, this great job you have here. well done. I am a portraiture i do good portrait paintings but when i saw your work i can't help it to 'wow' it's 'super' your style is really pleasing. I really admire your work your style and who you are.. more power to you. --> jovell

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She is so have a gift mate XD

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.......Wonderfully done! What a treat! I know people who have this tattooed on them - although I think Big Brother will make it less noticeable... UNDER the skin, for instance. ..............Anyhow, Tina has a very talented mom. Laughing out loud

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Brilliantly executed painting...the textures are very nicely done~

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Dang...*cringes*...this looks a whole lot like the little girl in "Warchild". Is it her?

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Hmm, the post below was from me, Nenne, Annika ... I guess I forgot to log in, he he.

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I am in eternal awe over your amazing talent, my friend. Fantastic piece of art.

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I am a23 year old fine arts student in one of the prominent universities here in the PHILIPPINES that is dedicated to the arts. Your painting are SUPERB! Masterful in execution and vibrant as true life. Please Email me some time. I would love to get some commentary from you on my works.
Jordan J. Arabejo
Hope to be hearing from you!

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beautiful realism! Love it....not so sure I am ready for the end to come......hopefully they can hold it off for a few more millenia....but still great work!
Take Care!!

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Hah hah hah. When I saw the thumb nails, I was thinking, 'Why the hell does she have photos up here?'. Then I looked at them up close. Then I saw what a true artist's works look like.

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Very impressive work

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WOW i feel the i feel the innocent years again. i like the way you have the bar code on the toddler's arms. it is unique. it's wonderful i love it. it reminds me of hmmm... ME when i was a toddler

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I could gawk at this all day..... *.* So beautiful!! That face is just too adorable....

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*Smile* Thanxs Smile

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Oh okej Smile Thanxs Smile)

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Rene, I didn't mean that I thought this was created in a 3d program, just that your painting skills are exceptional.

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Beautiful work, Rene. You've really captured the innocents of this child.

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Very interesting and good work, I think!

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Thanxs Smile rendred? ain´t that 3D? I don´t have the skills for that ..

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How great job it is , I'm wonder how you can do such nice realistic work in photoshop ,I really like this nice impressive great work , althoug my own style is different, make a link on my gallery! and tel me when your other wonderful works comes to your nice gallery , Be successful.

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Lovely portrait Rene, beautifully rendered.

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Thanxs Smile

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Thanxs Smile I have changed the barcode now Smile

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Beautiful beyond words...

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The picture is just to beautiful. It reminds me of Rubens' works.
It is done in the way of old masters, and is an excellent example, of how digital art can acchieve the level of classical media. Congratulations, René!
- just make the barcode round around its arm! It is a bit flat.

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A very powerful image! Beautiful.

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Thanks, I have accual caryd this ide in my head for a long time... had some others idees to .. so its so fun when its seams to work Smile (sorry for my bad english)

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Smile thank you

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Smile thank you thank you Smile)

Art at its best.