Chained Angel by xar

Chained Angel

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 03, 2002
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My first picture using different colors for background and main object (where I did not bungle it like "The Beauty and the Beast" or "Uriel the Angel of Revenge"). Here I first created the object using black ink and some colors (as usual), but I did not use any ink for the background. This gives a strong contrast and a nice effect. I used this in many later pictures. Was an important experience for me going to draw colored pictures and not only dark/light pics like "Ma'ara" and "Resting Ranger"...

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xar's picture

Thanks. Indeed er situation does not seem to be very comfortable Smile

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She looks so sad....Love the picture! Brillaint work

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Absolutely, posittively gorgeous. This piece immediately struck a cord with me. Beautiful. This will be staying on my desktop for quite a while! I love it.

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Thank you! It's an older one...there are a few things on it I don't like. But it's nice to see there's people liking it Smile

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this piece is very moving... at least i think so... something so free, has now been locked up... i dunno... i babble
i love this picture:) keep up the great work

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Thank you, Michelle!

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I love this picture. Very beautiful. Your shading in color is so perfect and proportion is wonderful. Very awesome image. Me likes muchly.

xar's picture

Yes, this time I did! Smile) But most of my newest pictures are male ("Gandalf", "Grimbbin" and "Moonlight Warrior"). It always depends on my mood and on what effect I want to achieve. But here it had to be something breakable, something nice and pretty, but refractory and rebellious. So I immediately imagined something female Smile

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OH! My gosh...I love this picture!!! This should be editors pick or some such thing. EEK!!! Darn I wish it were male! You just had to make it female didn't you!!!?!

Art at its best.