Face of the Forest by xar

Face of the Forest

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 03, 2003
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Another experiment concerning female faces. It was just an idea I had to realize. Used a light yellow paper, drew most with a black colored pencil and added some color touches afterwards.

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xar's picture

Danke sehr! Leider sind d Farbe da chli schlecht gmacht, s Original het ehner Bruun und Gelb-Tön, als Blau. Het mer besser gfalle, aber hans nüme, suscht würdis mal neu scanne und coloriere. Merci für de Kommentar Smile

Guest's picture

Hammer, das Bild. Ich findä die richtigä Wort gar nöd...eifach KOMPLIMENT!!!

xar's picture

Thank you very much! As long as there are people liking my art so much, it will be all I need to keep it on Smile

Guest's picture

You're too good at drawing. Do you know that?

The face seems simple, as in not alot of detail (or not as much as could have been added and it contrasts well with the intricate forest.

It looks so iridescent, the face that is.

Please, please, please!! Keep on drawin!

xar's picture

Thanks, James! I am quite happy about the face as well, but the rest could be better I guess Smile

somerset's picture

Lovely Pencils, Daniel! her face is quite beautiful, the framed effect with the trees makes for a stunning contrast to that delicate face!

xar's picture

Thank you Hugo! =D

hugo's picture

Good eye-effect!
I loved this onde, the face contrasts well

Art at its best.