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Added: May 09, 2004
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After a long break, I finally got another pic finished. I used yellow paper, some brown colored pencils, black, orange and white. I did not have a specific thought doing this one, just for fun. Later I decided to try out new colors on this one...

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You say its art, not a tale... well doesnt art tell a tale? Personally I think it does, otherwise I wouldnt love it so much. I love the "story behind" ideas..

But great work. Same picture completely different moods. I think its best to draw on paper and it means more.. photoshop is just a tool.

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Thank you! Just keep it up! Look at my first pictures on this site and compare to the newest - and this in 2-3 years Smile

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What's there to say?! I can't say anything except this has to be one of them ost beautiful pieces of art I've ever seen!!! You've got a real talent Daniel, I wish I could draw HALF as good as you!!!

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You do not know much about Fantasy, hm? Neither about art? First, adventurers always have a bag with them, containig extra clothes, stuff for sleeping, food, tools etc. If you would go on a journey by feet, several weeks just you in the nature, I don't think you would go just with some clothes and nothing else - it's cold in the night, but it's not always night. And second, it's art, not a tale, so who really cares about Smile

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Poor little thing, she has to carry an extra bag with normal clothes Wink

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I guess she's having her bag with some extra clothes right next to her on the ground, where you don't see it Wink

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I agree... but isn't she cold at some time in the night?

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Hello i nomal ...

ja- s isch also scho au e wunderschöns bild... bis is detaille mit vill liebi zeichnet ! Das isch so ! Ich so als "nicht Zeichnerin" bi halt so oder so absolut begeisteret vo demm talent - dere detailleliebi und dene farbkombinatione ! -

Aber irgendwie gfallt mer im moment das dunkel i demm bild vom Gandalf fast besser ... chunnt sicher au e chli uf s allgemein befinde a weles dasi s a sprächendere finde !

Gnüss di paar wenige Tägli no !


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Thank you very much, James! I think too it's one of my best pictures until now. The funny thing is: it's the only of all my pictures who was rejected first, the epilogue team did not approve it with reasen "work on anatomy" or something like that. I totally did not understand why, due to all my other picture got approved and they aren't as good as the new one. But fortunatley, they agreed finally Smile

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Thank you, Jason. It's a poor medium, as I think. I wish I could draw on photoshop or something like this...

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Thanks Scott! For the pose, I looked to a picture of a model, just changing the hair and the way she hold her arms...

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So thanks to you as well Smile

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Thank you, Katherine! It is easy to capture such a mood using yellow paper and some brown and orange colored pencils...

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Great use of the Medium

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Great technique Daniel. Nice colors and I really like the pose. Nice job.

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James already said it but it bares repeating-the textures in this are so well done. Your color choices are very pleasing to the eye as well. Good work.

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This is excellent colour pencil work, Daniel! the colours are amazing, great textures! I love the composition of this one, marvellous!

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What a beautiful mood, very sensual.

Art at its best.