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Added: May 22, 2004
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This picture is drawn on a purple paper, using several of colors. It would need a long time to tell about how I came up to do this picture. Let's say, someone very special was inspiring me...

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Thank you very much. Tinkerbell? I'm not sure because i only know it in german, but isn't it the name of the fairy from the Peter Pan story?

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Again you do amazing work. I got stuck with the nickname Tinkerbell. Ever since fairies have been kind of 'my theme'. This one really has the inner light thing down. Christy

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macht nüt, ich han die doppelte glöscht Smile

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Danke vilmal, Misa!! ja, das Bild het au für mich ganz e spezielli bedüütig. Uf dem Bild isch sozäge nüt zuefällig, alles ganz bewusst so platziert, demit's die Ussag macht, wo's macht, au wenn nur ganz wenigi mensche je werdet verstah und wüsse, um was für en usaag es sich debii handlet. Danke dir vilmal für dis liebe Kommentärli. Und bis bald mal hoffi Smile

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..sorry, something went wrong here.. han das nur eimal welle platziere.. aber offesichtlich hend kompliment es 3fachs echo Smile)


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.. and if therefore thy eye shall be single, thy hole body shall be full of light..

okey, it's from the bible.. isch mer gad in sinn cho bi dem bild, bim ablick vo dem liebliche wese und siim liecht.. d'komposition vo dem zarte gschöpf und dere ruche urchige waffe isch.. genial.. FANTASTISCH halt!

may reox bless you, great artist! misa

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Thank you very much, Samantha! To tell the through, once I finished the colored pencil work and the picture got scanned in, I finally overwork it a little using photoshop - giving some contrast, some light, you know...but it's a new territory for me and a pleasure to experiment with. But still 95% of the work is colored pencil Smile
Thanks again, I'll keep it up, especially as long as I know people like the one who ispired me to draw this one...

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You're my favourite artist at Epilogue! I love your work! My friend and I can't get over how you can do such brilliant work with coloured pencils. To us all they are are materials we used back in primary school! Maybe its just because I can't draw >_< but nonetheless, I think your work is brilliant! Keep up the good work! The details and texture, tone, atmosphere in this picture is mystifying!


Art at its best.