Shaman Lady by xar

Shaman Lady

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 02, 2004
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For this time, I went back to my old technic I didn't use on the last few images: I draw the hole image using black ink and after this, I take colored pencils to color it. This leaves some black lines back on the image who are not placed well, I know...but it was fun to draw it Smile

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xar's picture

*lol* no, I didn't, but I take it as a compliment Smile

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Thank you very much! I wonder what you would say if I recolorized this one on pc like I already did with some other of my older pics Smile

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Well done! This art is the one of the best I ever see.

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Wow this picture is amazing. The color and everything give it such personality. By the way did you know you look kinda like Sting?

xar's picture

Thank you, Michael. But using that technique shows leaves the black outlines. Some effects are not correct like that (see the shoulder as for example)

xar's picture

Thanks. Let me know if some of your tries are available Smile

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Thats a cool technique. I may try that, Looks awesome.

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Whatever your technique. I think it's an exceptional piece. The contrasting light and dark, are superb. Well done!!!

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Thank you, James! Obviousely, I added the color tones an pc. In original, I used just a lot of black, then I colored up using yellow and give them a little red and blue, then I added some light sources in different colors.

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lol Smile it's very funny to read this on that image, especially now. Due to I do not finish most of my pics, I don' think about the name before - it's time enough to worry about once the pic has been finished. This time, it was most difficult for me to find a name who fits in my opinion. So I needed a long time to think about and I was not really happy with "Shaman Lady". But after a while, nothing better came up in my mind, so I took it because I wanted to upload that bloody picture Smile Perhaps you understand, w

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Sometimes it is just hard to find a title which fits -- but your title makes the painting just special.

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Thank's - and you're very welcome Smile It may sound srange, but if I predraw the whole image using black ink, it allows me to achieve a much more detailed scene. Perhaps I'll do the next few images the same way..?! Let's see...Anyway, thank's for the comment Smile

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Beautiful work, Daniel! the lighting and those lovely colour tones are superb! such intricate details too, marvellous!

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You have a very unique style, one that I enjoy very much. I like this piece a lot, particularly the detail in her costume, and the flow of the skirt. Thanks for sharing.

Art at its best.