A warrior named Seducca by toddm

A warrior named Seducca

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 10, 2002
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Artwork Description

Another all vector image created in Adobe Illustrator- Its a test file to demonstrate/test graident mesh, transparency and blending modes.

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krahl's picture

Splendid work ! Between the comic strip and the photograph ! The textures are really impressive !! I love !!!

toddm's picture

Thanks Roberto- high compliments coming from such an accomplished artist as yourself!

robcamp's picture

holy cow! You used illustrator to create this? you must be a true master of that software. incredible!

toddm's picture

Thanks Norma! vector DOES take alot of time. Nice to know people recognize the time it takes.

peters's picture

The shiny latex/vinyl effect of the dress is remarkable. I've seen a lot of work done in Illustrator, but NOTHING like this! I've even experimented with the program myself, so I can appreciate the immense amount of work and concentration that went into the prodution of this piece. Kudos to you!

pagan's picture

god bless your talent....Hallaluja, no just kidding, this is really neat. Goodie, goodie

Guest's picture

Nice work!! Beautiful textures and colours, and I love the background.

toddm's picture

Thanks Adrian- I hope you give Illustrator 10 a try. I took a look at your gallery and your stuff would look great as gradient mesh! (though your work already looks great as it is) Wink

Guest's picture

I`ve never used Illustrator before, and honestly I`ve never seen anybody doing anything near to THIS with it...can`t believe it`s all vectors, most amazing!

lockett's picture

Love the effect on the dress, that stuff can be so hard to get right, but you've done a great job here.

toddm's picture

Thanks for the postitive feeback! I appreciate it very much:) I've used Illustrator all my life but never had a chance to really use Gradient Mesh till now-its a GREAT tool. Any other Adobe Illustrator (vector) artists out there?

griffingirl's picture

The weapon breaking out of the frame makes for a great composition. Masterfully rendered! Looks just like me.....*snicker*

kexmartigan's picture

You've got to be proud of the effect you achieved on her dress. Awesome!

chimera's picture

Wonderful rendering of that latex material.. so realistic. Her face also by the way. Very neat tatoo's. Maybe sharpen the edges or the shades of the left hand, makes it more realistic Great image though, keep up the great work!

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