Mad girl with sword by toddm

Mad girl with sword

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 10, 2002
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Artwork Description

Created in Adobe Illustrator as test file for transparency and blending modes (her outfit)- her face is mesh, as is the background.

Reference: H. Soriyama

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I loved the outfit! Iwould like to learn how you made it!

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Doesn't look all that mad in my eyes. All in all, great pic. Keep up the good work chief.

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Amazing leather rendering! I wasn't even aware Illustrator allowed a person to do artwork... Guess maybe I should dust it off again and give it a better look.

I agree with Darren, you should put up a tutorial when you get time. I would be very interested to see how to make Illustrator work as an art medium.

griffingirl's picture

Reminds me a little of a she-Darth Vadar. Kinda...but younger...and pretty. Nice leather! And thanks for stopping by my little piece of Epilogue! Returning the favor, with pleasure!

toddm's picture

Thanks so much Darren! I appreciate your kind words. Yes I've thought about putting up some tutorials (if people are interested)- its just a matter of finding the time. But yes, I would love to post some Illustrator tutorials.

toddm's picture

thanks! Yep, its all Illustrator, 100% vector-no photoshop retouching. I know illustrator can be frustrating at times, but if you give it another chance it can really grow on you;)

dare's picture

What you do with meshes is amazing. Have you done a tutorial on using meshes, because I'd like to see how you do this.

P.S. I've used gradient meshes and all I've ever gotten is crap.

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Wow... ALL in illustrator? No skipping into photoshop touch up? I've tried illustrator and gave up pretty quickly (the pencil logo tutorial wasn't much help either...) This is spectacular, it looks great!

toddm's picture

Thanks! I LOVE your work as well. My Photoshop work leans in that direction as Illustrator doesn't quite allow for that kind of freeness of expression ... yet Wink

toddm's picture

Thanks Mark-you're very kind:)
Yeah, most people are familiar with Photoshop, but aren't too familiar with what Adobe Illustrator can do- I'd love to see what some of the creative folks on Epilogue would do with Illustrator...

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I have no idea what 'mesh' is, but you certainly seem to have mastered it. Good job.

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Nice painting. It has that old, airbrushed look!

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The leather is exquisite...really nice work.

Art at its best.