Young Pirates by toddm

Young Pirates

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Added: Oct 29, 2002
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Two young, carefree, green-eyed, swashbuckling priates created in Adobe Illustrator- all vector artwork. I used a photo reference- I don't know the guys name. he kinda looks like a young Sylvester Stalone or a better looking Joey Fatone (I don't think there are any NSYNC fans to offend here at epi).

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toddm's picture

It was actually an Armani ad. Though I have to agree he does look like Duran Duran.

Like I said before, use any word you like, but NOT 'trace'. You can't 'trace' skin tones, or reflections, or shading....

Please do try and create a realistic image in Adobe Illustrator- then you might be able to come up with a better word for what I do then 'trace'.


Guest's picture

What god awful eighties record sleeve did you trace this from??

toddm's picture

I'm partial to Illustrator as far as vector applications go- I've yet to see any Freehand or Corel Draw vector work that can match Illustrators gradient mesh-

I like mixing realism with a more graphic feel- partially because its easier, but also because its like those old liquor posters (Cinzano) that I like so much.

mangalore's picture

Hmmm, I don't know but for me it looks a bit like stylizing and doing it realistic at the same time. This may be because vector graphics always have sharp edges and artifical gradients. I don't know while you seem to be very capable to get a detailed shading in illustrator it does not reach te quality of a freehand (pixelbased) digital painting.
I have to say that I like your rough paintings far more because of it.

You've done great work but it looks to me like the combination of two styles that work best when they stand alone.

twstdrealty8's picture

Ahh! How did u do the shading in illustrator! That's the one thing I have no idea how to do! (well, i can use the gradient too, but that won't cut it when creating faces like that!). Great job!

toddm's picture

Thanks ladies- I appreciate the encouragement! Yeah I found out that you can add a point to a mesh object in Illustrator. You can't assign the added point a color, but you can really define your shapes a lot better. On their faces for example, add a point came in handy for their noses- and added more detail.

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Wonderful graphic work. I love the colors and the feel. Trying to think of an ajective...Ahhh...Gusto!

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Excellent graphic work Todd! I especially like how you rendered the blends beautifully with the dark garb and heavy outlines.

melora's picture

wow.... you really are getting better with vectors. The detail on the faces is just immense

Art at its best.